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Tell Tale Extra

A Guide to Who Was Who, Who Fixes What, and What Pulls What in
A Week in the Life, January 1966


Robert Stetson Macfarlane, President, Northern Pacific Railway, Saint Paul, Minnesota

AAJ--Arthur A. 'Art' Jacobson, Chief Clerk, Auburn
ABJ--Allen B. Johnson, Assistant General Superintendent of Transportation, Seattle
ACH--Arthur C. 'Art' Hochban, Radio Technician, Auburn
AHT--Arthur H. 'Art' Torklep, General Yardmaster, Auburn
AJA--Andrew J. 'Andy' Alexander, Car Foreman, Cle Elum
ALCO--American Locomotive Company
AS--Albert 'Al' Stranik, Road Foreman of Engines, Auburn [from Camas Prairie]
ATSF--Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe
BCE--British Columbia Electric, to BC Hydro, to Southern Railway of British Columbia
BLW--Baldwin Locomotive Works
BO--Baltimore and Ohio
C&E--Conductor and Engineer
CA--Afternoon Chief Dispatcher, Tacoma [John Ackley]
CAB-- Chester A. Barr, Jr., Agent, Ellensburg
CBQ--Chicago, Burlington and Quincy
CD--Chief Dispatcher, Tacoma [Chuck Stillman]
CF--Relief Chief Dispatcher, Tacoma [Ray Smith, Frank Ryan]
CGS--Carl G. 'Chuck' Stillman, Chief Dispatcher, Tacoma
CHM--Charles H. Moreau, Master Mechanic, Seattle
CJP--C.J. Price, Communications Supervisor, Seattle
CJL--C.J. Lolcama, Freight Agent [for MILW, GN, LPN, UP], Longview
CN--Night Chief Dispatcher, Tacoma ['Chief Night'--Art Overman, Jim Fredrickson]
COFC--Container On Flat Car
CP--Chief Passenger Dispatcher, Tacoma [Don McGregor]
CRA--Charles R. Anzalone, Track Supervisor, Tacoma
CWH--C.W. Hawkes, NP Transport, Seattle
CWT--C.W. Thompson, Superintendent, King Street Station, Seattle [Alternated managers between NP and Great Northern Railway]
CZ--Night Chief Dispatcher, Tacoma [Pre-'CN'--Drayton D. 'Zim' Zimmerman]
DA--Donald 'Don' Arbogast, Roundhouse Foreman, Auburn
DBM--Donald B. 'Don' McGregor, Chief Passenger Dispatcher, Tacoma
DCH--Donald C. 'Don' Hill, Superintendent of Communication, St. Paul, Minn.
DEL--Donald E. 'Don' Lovelass, General Yardmaster, Yakima [to Yardley]
DHG--Donald H. 'Don' Garrison, Car Distributor, Tacoma
DHK--Donald H. 'Don' King, Superintendent, Idaho Division, Spokane
DHS--D.H. Shoemaker, Chief Engineer, St. Paul, Minn.
DJG--Car Foreman, Everett
DLL--Donald L. Lambert, Assistant Superintendent, Great Northern, Portland, Ore.
DP--Daniel 'Dan' Peinovich, Assistant to General Manager, Lines West of Livingston, Mont., Seattle
DTI--Detroit, Toledo and Ironton
DTN--Double Track North dispatching territory; Tacoma, Wash., to British Columbia, Canada
DTS--Double Track South dispatching territory; Tacoma, Wash., to Portland, Ore.
DS-DSPR--Dispatcher, John J. Ackley; Edward M. 'Ed' Berntsen; Perry L. Bray; Pious Fettig; James M. 'Jim' Fredrickson; Cameron L. Galbreath; John A. 'Long John' Haakonson; Clifford 'Cliff' Johnson [to Dispatcher, Southern Pacific]; R.D. 'Dick' Leary; Donald B. 'Don' MacGregor; Clayton McLean [to Diesel Control, to Rules]; E. Thomas Melvin; Richard L. Noble; Frank E. Ryan; D.T. 'Dave' Sprau; Ray Smith; David 'Dave' Steinhoff; Carl G. 'Chuck' Stillman; D.D. 'Duke' Tone; Donald V. 'Don' Shane; James C. 'Jim' Wyse; Tacoma
DSS- Agent, South Tacoma
DWP--D.W. Peterson, Car Foreman, Hoquiam
EEC--E.E. Cody, Scale Inspector, Seattle
EDW--Edward D. 'Ed' Wood, General Yardmaster, King Street Station, Seattle
EMD--Electro-Motive Division [of General Motors]
EMO--Edward M. Overlie, Trainmaster, Tacoma
EGA--Edwin G. Anderson, Chief Clerk to Trainmaster [in charge of crew callers], Tacoma
EL--Erie Lackawanna
EPH--Emmett P. Hughes, Trainmaster, Centralia
ERH--E.R. Hanson, Roadmaster, Arlington
ES--Emil Schuler, Stationmaster, Tacoma Union Station, Tacoma
ESU--E.S. Ulyatt, General Superintendent of Transportation, St. Paul, Minn.
FJC--F.J. Callas, Communication Maintainer, Tacoma
FJC--F.J. Carrigan, Manager, Telegraph Office, Seattle
FJS--F.J. Schmidt, City Passenger Agent, Seattle
FJT--Floyd J. Tharp, General Yardmaster, Stacy Street, Seattle
FLS--F.L. Steinbright, Vice President, Operating Department, St. Paul, Minn.
FVS--Francis V. 'Frank' Sloop, Assistant Signal Engineer, Paradise, Mont., and West, Tacoma
FWC--Francis W. 'Frank' Cochran, Trainmaster, Yakima
GAS--Glen A. Staeheli, Road Foreman of Engines, Auburn
GCA--George C. Armstrong, Agent, Auburn
GE--General Electric
GET--G.E. 'Gene' Trenary, Trainmaster, Auburn
GFH--Gordon F. Hill, General Communications Supervisor, Seattle
GJB--George J. Bradley, Car Foreman, Auburn
GLH--G.L. Holmes, Extra Gang Foreman
GKS--G.K. Steiner, Stationmaster, King Street Station, Seattle
GMO--Gulf, Mobile and Ohio
GPH--G.P. Hoffman, Roadmaster, Seattle
GTF--G.T. Flynn, Assistant General Freight and Passenger Agent, Seattle
GWP--Gerald W. 'Jerry' Pratt, Special Agent, Seattle
GYM--General Yardmaster
HAP--Harlan A. Plith, Agent, Yakima
HCW--Herbert C. Weimer, Supervisor, Bridges and Buildings, Tacoma
HGV--Howard G. Van Wagoner, Track Supervisor, Auburn
HJB--H.J. Bond, Agent, Union Pacific Railroad, Aberdeen [Joint NP-UP Agency]
HLH--H.L. Hanson, Car Foreman, Stacy Street, Seattle
HLR--Howard L. Rapp, Roundhouse Foreman, Tacoma
HMN--H.M. Nelsen, Agent, Tacoma Union Station, Tacoma
IC--Illinios Central
ICC--Interstate Commerce Commission
IER--Ira E. Ray, Freight Agent, Seattle
IWB--Ira W. Brewer, Superintendent, Tacoma
JAC--Jess A. Cannon, Chief Mechanical Officer, St. Paul
JEH--J.E. Hoving, Assistant Chief Engineer, Seattle
JES--J.E. Schmitt, Special Agent, Tacoma
JFD-John F. Dean, Chief Special Agent, St. Paul, Minn.
JH--James Holt, Foreman, Extra Gang One
JHH--J.H. Halvorsen, General Agent, Yakima
JHH--John H. Hertog, Assistant Superintendent, Tacoma
JHJ--J.H. Jones, Manager, Northern Pacific Terminal Company, Portland, Ore.
JJA--John J. Ackley, Chief Dispatcher [Afternoon], Tacoma
JJN-Jerry J. Nentl, Superintendent, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railway, Tacoma
JJR--J.J. Rothschiller, Car Foreman, Tacoma
JLM--J.L. Monahan, Superintendent, Spokane Portland and Seattle Railway, Portland, Ore.
JOD--John O. Davies, Superintendent, St. Paul Division, Minneapolis, Minn.
JPP--Joseph P. 'Joe' Pipkin, Extra Gang Foreman [to Roadmaster, Auburn]
JRM--J.R. Masters, Division Engineer, Seattle
JRM--J.R Mobley, Assistant Supervisor, Bridges and Buildings, Seattle
KAR--Kenneth A. 'Kenny' Runyan, Chief Clerk to Superintendent, Tacoma
LAA--Leon A. Albright, Lineman, Tacoma
LCW--L.C. Wise, Western District Accountant, Tacoma
LEB--Mrs. L.E. Benson, Agent, Woodinville
LLN--Lee L. Norquist, Roadmaster, Tacoma [from Roadmaster, Auburn]
LN--Louisville and Nashville
LPN--Longview, Portland and Northern
LWD--L.W. Dreis, Car Accountant, St. Paul, Minn.
MGT--Melvin G. 'Mel' Thomson, Division Roadmaster, Tacoma
MHG--Mark H. Galloway, Chief Dispatcher, Union Pacific Railroad, Albina [Portland, Ore.]
MILW--Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific-The Milwaukee Road
MLT--M.L. 'Tommy' Thompson, General Passenger Agent, Seattle
MMB--M.M. Boe, Communications Supervisor, Seattle
MOBX--Mobil Oil Corporation [Crude oil or grease loading, car is likely equipped with steam coils and is being sent to a steam plant to heat the shipment for easier emptying at destination]
MTN--Mountain dispatching territory; Auburn, Wash., to Yakima, Wash.
MWI--M.W. Iverson, Communication Lineman, Tacoma
MWM--M.W. Montgomery, Assistant Superintendent, Car Department, Seattle
NJH--Nestor J. Hill, District Claim Agent, Seattle
NJJ--Mrs. Nellie J. Johnson, Agent, Kanaskat
NML--Norman M. Lorentzsen, General Manager, Lines West of Livingston, Mont., Seattle
OAK--Ober A. Kobs, Western Freight Traffic Manager, Seattle
PAW--P.A. Williams, Roadmaster, Centralia
PEN--Perry E. Nation, Wire Chief, Tacoma
PLW--Paul L. Westine, Trainmaster, Everett
PT--Point Line dispatching territory; Tacoma, Wash., to Centralia, Wash. [seasonal]
RAM--R.A. Mikkelson, Yardmaster, Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway, Vancouver
RAR--Robert A. 'Bob' Robey, Roadmaster, Auburn
RDT--Russell D. Thompson, Superintendent, Fargo Division, Fargo, N.D.
RGB--R.G. Brohaugh, District Engineer, Livingston West and Camas Prairie Railroad, Seattle
RHS--R.H. Spellmeyer, Shop Superintendent, South Tacoma
RHS--Robert S. 'Bob' Shober, Superintendent, Great Northern Railway, Seattle
RIP--Repair In Place, Repair, Inspect, Paint [Car maintenance track]
RJF--Raymond J. 'Ray' Fogel, Road Foreman of Engines, Tacoma
RKR--R.K. Robinson, General Agent, Passenger Department, Seattle
RLB--Randy L. Beem, Roadmaster, Tacoma
RLM--Raymond L. 'Ray' Merrill, Manager, TOFC-COFC Merchandise Sales, Seattle
RPO--Railway Post Office
RTTX--Trailer Train Corporation
RWF--R.W. Fleming, Roundhouse Foreman [Day], Seattle
SA--Savannah and Atlanta, Southern
SAA--S.A. Anderson, Superintendent, Yellowstone Division, Glendive, Mont.
SAL--Seaboard Air Line
SHB--S.H. Barlow, System Engineer Track, St. Paul, Minn.
SP--Southern Pacific
SPS--Spokane, Portland and Seattle
TOFC--Trailer On Flat Car
UP--Union Pacific
UTLX--Union Tank Car Lines
WAB--William A. 'Bill' Breedlove, Roadmaster, Tacoma
WCM--W.C. Morgan, Agent, Raymond
WDO--W.D. O'Hearn, Division Engineer, Idaho Division, Spokane
WEB--William E. 'Bill' Buckley, Assistant Superintendent, Seattle
WGJ--W.G. Johnson, Superintendent, Union Pacific Railroad, Albina [Portland, Ore.]
WJG--William J. 'Bill' Gould, Western Freight Claim Agent, Seattle
WLW--W.L. Wood, Superintendent, Lake Superior Division, Duluth, Minn.
WM--Walt Mannis, Western Fruit Express, Tacoma [Inspector for refrigeration units used on these cars]
WTK--William T. 'Bill' Kennelly, Superintendent of Motive Power, Lines Livingston, Mont., and West, Seattle
WWW--William W. 'Bill' Walters, Superintendent, Rocky Mountain Division, Missoula, Mont. YM--Yardmaster

Northern Pacific Railway Official List of Officers, Agents, Stations, ... Etc. St. Paul [Minn.]: Northern Pacific Railway Accounting Department, 1966

---- Telephone Directory St. Paul [Minn.]: Northern Pacific Railway, 1969

Sprau, D.T., Dispatcher, Tacoma Division, Northern Pacific Railway [Ret.], telephone interviews, August 4, 5, and 11, 1997


Car Foreman Location [Name if known]

LCC CWG--Vancouver [SPS Car Foremen]
Vancouver proper

Car Foreman--Kelso
Napavine to Ridgefield and Yacolt Branch

DWP--Hoquiam [D.W. Peterson]
Oakville to Moclips; Meskill Pit to South Bend

JJR--Tacoma [J.J. Rothschiller]
Meeker to Palmer Junction and Branches; Tacoma to Meeker; Tacoma to Ketron; Tacoma to Rainier and Ft. Lewis

RLP--Auburn Yard [Roman L. Polski]
Sumner to Black River; Black River to Sumas, North Bend Branches; East Auburn to Lester, Kanaskat to Selleck

AJA--Cle Elum [Andrew J. Alexander]
Stampede to Pomona and Roslyn Branch

Car Foreman--Toppenish [Idaho Division]
Yakima to Selah and NYV Branches

HLH, Seattle [H.L. Heater]
Seattle to Bothell

WED--Everett [W.E. Dillman]
Maltby to Sumas and North Branches

Northern Pacific Railway Bad Order Report Northern Pacific Railway, Tacoma Division, 1966.


Road Number - Builder and Model | Horsepower | Total Weight | Tractive Effort

100 EMD NW | 900 | 232,060 | 57,230
101-106 EMD NW2 | 1,000 | 244,750-249,500 | 60,330-61,500
107-114 EMD SW7 | 1,200 | 26,270 | 60,730
115-118 EMD SW9 | 1,200 | 246,270 | 60,730
119-177 EMD SW1200 | 1,200 | 245,940-247,100 | 60,700-60,990
200-375 EMD GP9 | 1,750 | 245,140-259,100 | 59,550
376-384 EMD GP18 | 1,800 | 245,140 | 59,160-60,275
400-427 BLW VO-1000 | 1,000 | 233,300-242,300 | 56,750-59,440
500-501 BLW DRS 4-4-15 | 1,500 | 251,540 | 61,510
525 BLW DRS 6-6-15 | 1,500 | 248,750-254,450 | 60,300-61,390
550-569 EMD GP7 | 1,500 | 254,850 | 60,500
600-602 ALCO HH-660 | 660 | 197,500 | 48,400
603 ALCO S-1 | 660 | 198,000 | 48,540
650-652 BLW VO-660 | 660 | 197,800-201,760 | 48,410-49,500
700-712 ALCO S-2 | 1,000 | 230,000 | 56,570
713-714 ALCO S-4 | 1,000 | 229,700 | 56,200
750 ALCO S-6 | 900 | 244,800 | 60,240
800-803 ALCO RS-1 | 1,000 | 242,500 | 58,860
850-863 ALCO RS-3 | 1,600 | 244,740-249,200 | 59,160-60,275
900-917 ALCO RS-11 | 1,800 | 244,450-247,880 | 59,200-60,290
2500-2517 GE U-25C | 2,500 | 391,690 | 94,460
2518-2520 GE U-25C | 2,750 | 391,690 | 94,460
2800-2808 GE U-28C | 2,800 | 391,490 | 94,410
2809-2811 GE U-28C | 3,000 | 391,490 | 94,410
3300-3309 GE U-33C | 3,300 | 391,490 | 94,410
3600-3629 EMD SD45 | 3,600 | 389,230 | 93,076
5400-5410 EMD FT | 1,350 | 247,025 | 60,890
6000-6005 EMD F3 | 1,500 | 245,000 | 59,915
6007-6020 EMD F5 | 1,500 | 245,000 | 59,915
6050-6052 EMD F7 | 1,500 | 245,000 | 59,915
6500-6513 EMD F3 [Passenger] | 1,500 | 244,500 | 59,285 [A unit] 58,580 [B unit]
6550-6553 EMD F5 [Passenger] | 1,500 | 244,500 | 59,285 [A unit] 58,580 [B unit]
6600-6601 EMD FP7 | 1,500 | 254,850 | 60,500
6700-6702 EMD F9 [Passenger] | 1,750 | 249,780 | 60,420
7000-7014 EMD F9 | 1,750 | 248,500-249,500 | 60,825-61,020
7050-7052 EMD F9 | 1,750 | 248,500-249,500 | 60,825-61,020

Schrenk, Lorenz P. and Robert L. Frey Northern Pacific Diesel Era, 1945-1970 San Marino [Cal.]: Golden West Books, 1988 pp. 256-276

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