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A Week in the Life, January 11, 1966

Tacoma Division - Tacoma, Washington
Superintendent's Office - Tacoma Union Station
January 11, 1966 - Tuesday

410 AM
January 10 No. 2 left Seattle on time arrived Yakima on time departed Yakima seven minutes late with eight cars. At Yakima set out mail car 89 picked up the 81 and delayed three minutes No. 1 four minutes air. -IWB

430 AM
ABJ-Seattle; EPH-Centralia; IWB JHH EMO
January 10 First 679 left Lake yard 315 PM with 59-42-5,163. Had:
OPS 8 to Brooklyn 950 PM January 9 to Portland 515 AM January 10 with 23 cars
NWS-OPS to Brooklyn 220 AM January 9 to Portland 424 AM January 9 with one car
NCP 7 to Brooklyn 1201 AM January 10 to Portland 515 AM January 10 with two cars
PC 376 to Brooklyn 545 AM January 10 to Portland 842 AM January 10 with three cars
NCP 8 to Brooklyn 1040 AM January 10 to Portland 1218 PM January 10 with 17 cars.
Had two loaded TOFC for Seattle. Tonnage left not available 20-3-1,500.
January 10 Second 679 left Lake Yard 1000 PM with 49-21-3,688. Had:
NP NCP 7 to Brooklyn 100 PM January 9 to Portland 524 PM January 9 with one car
NWS-OPS to Brooklyn 220 PM January 9 to Portland 844 AM January 9 with one car
NCP 8 to Brooklyn 1040 AM January 10 to Portland 1216 PM January 10 with 26 cars
NWS 7 and 8 to Brooklyn 255 PM January 10 to Portland 456 PM January 10 with eight cars.
Had TOFC as follows: all loads, four Seattle, two Tacoma, one Centralia. Tonnage left not available 10-5-625. -IWB

451 AM
[Number] 601 Extra 2528 West arrived Auburn 150 AM with 49-0-2,370 including 35 Seattle cars, one carloader.
Seattle connection was handled by Extra 231 West Crew 6. Connection was made up at 2 AM from yard, waybills on 150 AM, engine on 203 AM, air 204 AM, departed 205 AM with 36-0-1,742. Delay--none. -AAJ

631 AM
WEB CHM-Seattle; GET-Auburn; IWB JHH EMO
January 10 No. 640 left Auburn 110 PM with 31-30-3,214.
January 10 No. 542 not run.
January 11 No. 600 left Auburn 100 AM with 39-28-2,990.
January 11 No. 606 left Auburn 530 AM with 31-43-4,041. -IWB

635 AM
500 AM Yakima westbound 16-6-1,340.
Cle Elum westbound 2-0-174; eastbound clear.
Auburn after 500 AM.
To come: [No.] 603 530 PM; [No.] 601 700 PM.
Carloaders: [No.] 603 no report; [No.] 601 four Seattle, two Tacoma, two Yakima.
Weather: Yakima cloudy, calm 18 above, six inches of snow; Easton cloudy, light wind, 34 above, 35 inches of snow; Lester cloudy, calm 30 above, 23 inches of snow. -IWB

639 AM
January 10 Crew 3 departed Auburn 735 PM with 11-62-2,398
Arrived Tacoma 835 PM with same
Departed Tacoma 1045 PM with 32-34-3,780
Arrived Auburn 1220 AM with same.
January 10 Crew 4 departed Auburn 520 PM with 19-6-1,730
Arrived Seattle 830 PM with 20-27-2,839
Departed Seattle 935 PM with 37-29-2,825
Arrived Auburn 1110 PM with same.
January 11 No. 600 departed Auburn 100 AM with 39-28-2990
Arrived Yakima 455 AM with same
Departed Yakima 5000 AM with same.

700 AM
CHM WEB-Seattle; GET-Auburn; IWB JHH EMO
January 10 No. 601 arrived Yakima 932 PM with 50-2-2,455
Departed Yakima 937 PM with 49-0-2,370
Arrived Auburn 150 AM with same
Departed Auburn 205 AM with 36-0-1,742
Arrived Seattle 245 AM with same.
Delayed Covington four minutes meeting No. 600. -IWB

800 AM
8 AM Wire Report
Western Union 271 grounded between Lakeview and Ft. Lewis MWI. [Wire] 951 shorted between Montesano and Aberdeen measures 1.6 miles west of Montesano MWI to cover. [Wires] 951-952 open between Shelton and Bremerton-Bangor LAA and crew covering. FJC Tacoma DAW Portland. Copy IWB CGS Tacoma, GFH FJC Seattle. -PEN

1108 AM
Auto Centralia Welding Plant, Napavine, Vancouver tonight Riviera Hotel. Wednesday January 12 auto to Kelso, Longview, Centralia. Tacoma Wednesday night. -MGT

1229 PM
EPH-Centralia; RHS-GN Seattle; IWB JHH EMO MGT LCW
Understand at about 505 PM January 4 Second 672 Extra GN 262B East Conductor Bylund Engineer Caven ran through east switch of eastward siding at Kalama. Section foreman made repairs.
Memo: Understand [No.] 974's train Conductor Moore 239 Engineer C.G. Peterson had lined switch and were backing their train into the siding and had just cleared the fouling point on the siding when Second 672 went by. The red block that Second 672 would get is about a mile west of this switch and there are no switch lamps or reflectors on this switch. -IWB

1238 PM
JLM-SPS Portland; EHP-Centralia; IWB JHH EMO
Mr. Monahan's B-71 regarding yard engine at Vancouver crossing over in the face of Second 680. Our dispatchers furnish Vancouver up to date figures on arrivals of eastbound trains into Vancouver. On January 5 at 1210 AM Second 680 was reported arriving at Vancouver 710 AM. At 4 AM this figure was revised to an 8 AM arrival and 855 AM it was revised to a 925 AM arrival. With this information at his disposal it would seem proper that the Yardmaster would contact Second 680 by radio to verify their location to avoid delays to these through trains by the yard engines. Any help you can give us in this regard will be very much appreciated. -IWB

1250 PM
[Number] 606 this morning took siding at Covington to meet No. 1 at 556 AM leaving through the spring switch at the east end. Number 25 Conductor Nordgren Engineer Darker received a red block east of Covington and as they approached Covington engineer noted that spring switch was open about one inch and as he was stopping spring switch closed and signal cleared. Mr. Sloop please investigate and advise. -IWB

150 PM
Crew 3 out of Tacoma last night 1045 PM arrived Auburn 1220 AM missed connection with No. 600 account too late. Had nine block four loads. -IWB

153 PM
JHJ C&E Morning Star-Portland; EPH-Centralia; FJT IER WEB-Seattle; AHT JJR IWB JHH EMO DTS
Account only one Coast Tacoma one Superior six Coast Seattle in sight for Morning Star from Portland in AM Mr. Jones will please accumulate sufficient time freight at Portland Depot Yard and after departure of Second 679 be sure these cars properly blocked before arrival of Morning Star connection so that Morning Star leaves Portland with as close to 24 cars as possible exclusive of engine and caboose properly blocked for Tacoma and Seattle. -IWB

203 PM
Box Car Special No. 116 will depart Staples this AM with 30 large box for Auburn and 20 box for Spokane. See large box for Auburn and box for Spokane if available added en route keeping intact handling through on close connections furnishing X-3 reports to cover. M-269 JOD RDT SAA WWW DHK IWB ABJ. -ESU

230 PM
Out of Veazey today following 11 air dumps rip rap rock NP 89072 89099 89084 89074 89080 89077 89091 89076 89071 89070 and 89075. Please arrange to have cars forwarded to Kelso for H.C. Wiemer, B&B Supervisor. When empty cars are to be returned to Veazey immediately for reloading. -HCW

317 PM
WGJ MR MHG-UP-Albina; JJ Nentl-MILW-Tacoma; AAJ DAJ C&E No. 694-Auburn; EPH YM C&E Centralia-Hoquiam Local-Centralia; Section Foreman C&E Hoquiam-Centralia Local-Hoquiam; IWB JHH EMO EGA LLN MGT MTN AHT JJR
Section Foreman at Hoquiam will be replacing switch and derail at west end of double track between Aberdeen and Hoquiam 778 feet west of Mile Post 72 starting at 730 Monday morning, January 17, at which time it will be necessary to take track out of service and expect to restore track about 430 PM same day and track will again be taken out of service at 730 AM Tuesday, January 18, until work completed on that day. On Monday, January 17, one day only, Hoquiam-Centralia Local will come on duty at Hoquiam at 7 AM so as to leave Hoquiam prior to time track is taken out of service and all concerned see that Nos. 694-696 given best possible handling so can arrive Hoquiam prior to 730 AM. Agent Aberdeen be sure switch engine notified and UP and MILW will please arrange their train movements to avoid conflict. -IWB

328 PM
GWP-Seattle; Signal Maintainer-Steilacoom; IWB JHH EMO FVS JES DTS
Following from Conductor Ralph Extra 337 East Nisqually 1033 AM: ''Signal 185 at stop for no reason. Also crossing gate arm broken at Solo Point the one out side of eastward main track.'' Mr. Schmitt please investigate and signal maintainer will make repairs. -IWB

406 PM
My CD-305 regarding No. 25 finding spring switch open at Covington. Following from Signal Maintainer C.G. Cash at Kanaskat: ''No. 25 reported signal 937 at stop found [No.] 606 had used siding and found sand in spring switch at east end of Covington cleaned switch and signals OK.'' -IWB

420 PM
ESU-St. Paul; ABJ WEB-Seattle; IWB JHH CGS
Unfilled orders tonight for:
Fourteen 50 foot double door dressed lumber and plywood east, ten same local paper, 21 same paper California, one same lumber California
Eleven 40 foot double door plywood east
Three 48 foot covered gondolas steel local.
Short for BCE: four 40 foot double door plywood east.
Reported losses: Tacoma eight 50 foot double door paper California. -IWB

450 PM
On Hand Report for Thorp, January 10 shows EL 71228 ATSF 19253 on hand 17 days for loading. If no immediate loading, report for disposition. Advise status. -IWB

450 PM
Woodinville's On Hand Report for January 10 shows EL 73339 NP 75681 corn on hand eight days. Item 11 incomplete as to set for unloading. If not actually placed, advise dates cars were constructively placed; also when cars constructively placed must be shown on Item 12 on On Hand Report advising. -IWB

455 PM
Kanaskat's On Hand Report for East Maywood, January 10, shows SP 320242 ATSF 72350 on hand 19 days. Advise status. If no loading in sight, report to Car Office for disposition. -IWB

458 PM
Conductor Pile Drive 31-Bothell; GPH HCW WEB JRM-Seattle; Conductor Pilot Crane 31-Woodinville; AAJ GJB GET-Auburn; IWB JHH EMO EGA LCW DTN
My CD-1059 and CA-181 on completion of work date Conductor-Pilot Hauge will be handled to Auburn by Bridge and Building truck and on arrival Auburn released from work train service and will select other assignment or report. -IWB

504 PM
Surfaced track Mile Post 64 to Mile Post 64 plus 429 and Sommerville crossing. Total 429 feet. Two hour train delay. -G.L. Holmes

525 PM
C&E No. 676-Sumas; C&E No. 932-Arlington; C&E No. 932-Sedro Woolley; AAJ GJB DA-Auburn; IWB JHH EMO LCW DTN
Account of No. 676 today will have approximately 1,000 pounds over four unit tonnage rating No. 932 should advise this office early as possible tonnage over Maltby and if possible will let No. 932 go through with one unit and [No.] 676 will pick up a GP9 unit at Arlington in multiple to handle their train through to Auburn. If No. 932 has too much rating will necessary for No. 676 to reduce to 4,560 [tons] at Edgecomb on dead freight. -IWB

600 PM
In regard to message printer date should show 819 feet instead of 429 feet. -G.L. Holmes

1118 PM
One hundred forty one welds to today. Total welds to date 4,627. Sixteen hours worked. -C.R. Anzalone

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