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Tell Tale Extra

A Week in the Life, January 12, 1966

Tacoma Division - Tacoma, Washington
Superintendent's Office - Tacoma Union Station
January 12, 1966 - Wednesday

325 AM
January 11 FPU 640 Extra 7012D East left Yakima 1125 PM with 56-54-4,938 including 12 perishables.
Delayed 25 minutes for No. 601.
Number 640 arrived 640 PM.
Number 904 arrived 810 PM used ten including five perishable.
NYV arrived 745 PM used four including three perishable.
Number 939 arrived 130 PM used one not perishable.
White Swan arrived 1130 PM none used. -IWB

440 AM
ABJ-Seattle; EPH-Centralia; IWB JHH EMO
January 11, First 679 Left Lake Yard 345 PM with 64-26-4,376 tons.
Had Second NCP 8, Brooklyn 740 PM January 10, Portland 156 AM January 11 with 12 cars
Had PC 366, Brooklyn 500 AM January 11, Portland 1106 AM January 11 with eight cars
Had NCP 9, Brooklyn 520 AM January 11, Portland 1106 AM January 11 with 45 cars
Had one loaded TOFC for Seattle. Tonnage left not available 10-10-750.
January 11, Second 679 Left Lake Yard 1130 PM with 64-26-4,539 tons.
Had First NCP 9, Brooklyn 100 AM January 10, Portland 1214 PM January 11 with four cars
Had Second NCP 9, Brooklyn 450 PM January 11, Portland 646 PM January 11 with 17 cars
Had NWS 9, Brooklyn 215 PM January 11, Portland 508 PM January 11 with seven cars
Had PC 378, Brooklyn 640 PM January 11, Portland 840 PM January 11 with three cars
Had TOFC as follows: all loads six Seattle, one Tacoma, one Yakima, one Bangor. Tonnage left not available 30-16-2,237. -IWB

447 AM
Number 603 Extra 2525 West arrived Auburn 205 AM with 65-16-3,981, including 35 Seattle cars, no carloaders. Seattle connection handled by Extra 229 West, Crew 8. Connection was made up from yard at 353 AM, waybills on 344 AM, engine on 358 AM, air 359 AM, departed 359 AM, with 53-4-2,791. Delay one hour 24 minutes, consolidate with [No.] 601. Arrived Seattle 459 AM. -AAJ

447 AM
Number 601 Extra 2500 West arrived Auburn 344 AM with 35-1-1,996 including 22 Seattle cars, no carloaders. Seattle connection handled by Extra 229 West, Crew 8. Connection was made up from yard at 353 AM, waybills on 344 AM, engine on 358 AM, air 359 AM, departed 359 AM, with 53-4-2,791. Delay none. Arrived Seattle 459 AM. -AAJ

640 AM
January 11, Crew 3 departed Auburn 650 PM with 11-43-1,890
Arrived Tacoma 750 PM with same
Departed Tacoma 950 PM with 34-36-3,575
Arrived Auburn 1055 PM with same.
January 11, Crew 4 departed Auburn 500 PM with 3-3-350
Arrived Seattle 740 PM with 5-12-885
Departed Seattle 900 PM with 23-36-2,525
Arrived Auburn 1001 PM with same.
January 12, No. 600 departed Auburn 115 AM with 47-13-3,998
Arrived Yakima 510 AM with same
Departed Yakima 518 AM with same
Number 600 delayed Auburn 15 minutes switching, Yakima three minutes air. -IWB

644 AM
WEB CHM-Seattle; GET-Auburn; IWB JHH EMO
January 11 No. 601 arrived Yakima 1130 PM with 38-1-2,102
Departed Yakima 1135 PM with 35-1-1,996
Arrived Auburn 344 AM with 35-1-1,996
Departed Auburn 359 AM with 54-4-2,791
Arrived Seattle 459 AM with 53-4-2,791.
Delayed Black River 20 minutes, Auburn-Everett Time Freight and Keith Turn ahead for No. 676 who struck auto at Kennydale. -IWB

658 AM
January 11 No. 2 left Seattle on time with eight cars. Arrived and departed Yakima on time eight cars. Set out [RPO] 86 picked up [RPO] 83. -IWB

659 AM
WEB CHM-Seattle; GET-Auburn; IWB JHH EMO
January 11 No. 640 left Auburn 1235 PM with 38-58-3,837.
January 11 No. 642 not run.
January 12 No. 600 left Auburn 115 AM with 47-13-3,998.
January 12 No. 6060 left Auburn 530 AM with 45-40-3,956. -IWB

705 AM
To come:
Number 603 Yakima 515 PM.
Number 601 Yakima 630 PM.
Carloaders: None.
Weather: Yakima clear calm, 18 degrees above, five inches of snow; Easton cloudy calm, 32 degrees above, 35 inches of snow; Lester cloudy calm, 32 degrees above, 20 inches of snow. -IWB

800 AM
8 AM Wire Report
[Wire] 951 open between Shelton and Bangor [Wire] 952 sub[stitues] Shelton to Bangor LAA. FJC Tacoma DAW Portland MWI Tacoma. Copy IWB CGS Tacoma GFH FJC Seattle. -PEN

854 AM
January 11, surfaced main track with specified gravel from 5,000 feet west Mile Post 2 to 2,600 feet west Mile Post 3 Twelfth Sub[-Division] Tamper 150 and 159 used. Train delay hour. Total 2,800 feet. -J.P. Pipkin

1004 AM
January 10, Black River Junction unloading machinery preparing for tie renewal. -James Holt

1005 AM
January 11 Bremerton ,Washington working with work train unloading cross ties from mile post five to mile post 15 preparing for tie renewal. -James Holt

1006 AM
Following from M.D. Stone, Signal Maintainer, Easton: ''Signal 11 at Stampede at Stop for No. 26 due to coder track circuit Tunnel No. 3 out. This was cause by the west snow that No. 640 carried into the tunnel which wet the engine sand ballast all the way through causing the ballast resistance to change. With help of the Easton section I arrived at Martin at 925 PM. My motor car would not go up the hill due to west snow. Adjusted circuit and it worked OK on return trip. Had to fix broken AC line wire at mile post 43. Overtime worked 7.5 hours.'' -IWB

1106 AM
WEB GWP GPH-Seattle; Section Foreman-Woodinville; GET-Auburn; IWB JHH EMO DTN
For the record a Mr. Arnhart, Line Foreman for Seattle City Light called from 150th and Beach Drive Northeast on the Eleventh Sub-Division which should be between mile post 16 and 17 about 1010 AM today asking what the next train due at the location was. He was told that we could not give him this information and asked if he was on our right of way and he replied that he had a truck with a boom on the right of way fouling the main track putting a transformer on a pole at that location. He was told that he must clear the right of way at once as it was necessary that we have flag protection any time they are working on our right of way. He said he would put the job off until tomorrow and would like a flagman at 830 AM. He called back at 1030 AM and advised that they changed their operation and had enough men to carry the transformer to the pole and put it up with tackle and would now not need flagman. He claims that the pole was on private property and not on our right of way and by working it in this manner would in no way foul our right of way. -IWB

1107 AM
Bad Order Report
Date and time car set out: January 12, 825 AM
Train had engine setting car out: Extra 2526 East
Station and location on track where set out: Stampede on east end of passing siding
Car initials, number, type of car and contents: NP 6188 plywood
Consignee and destination: Evergreen Products, Bristol, Virginia
Shipper and originating station: Evergreen Products, Tacoma, Wash
Routing: NP Laurel [Mont.], CBQ [East St. Louis, Mo.] Southern
Waybill left at: Easton
Reason for setting out: Broken knuckle, no replacement
Point where car into train: Auburn
Location of car in train and delay: Nine from engine, two hours and five minutes
Conductor: Peterson.

1235 PM
GFH GPH GWP-Seattle; Agent-Kent; FVS DTN IWB LCW
Hurt Housemovers at Kent have completed the movement of two houses across Smith Street crossing at Kent January 11 and 12 and Agent Kent will take $50.00 deposit to account. -IWB

1249 PM
First 671 last night Conductor McComas GN 263 278A 310BA Engineer Parks with 56-21-4,410 by:
Winlock 247 PM
Napavine 301 PM
Chehalis 309 PM
Tenino 329 PM
Nisqually 348 PM
UP Junction 429 PM
Operating on the time of [No.] 459.
Number 459 by:
Napavine 306 PM
Chehalis 314 PM
Centralia 321 PM
Tenino 335 PM
Nisqually 356 PM
UP Junction 431 PM
There was no time out on No. 459. -IWB

1256 PM
TTX 472176 with trailer [NP] Z 500092 and [NP] Z 500093 Polaris missile out of Nimbus, California received from SP at Portland [Ore.] 900 PM January 11, 1966.
Departed Portland Second 679 1130 PM January 11
Arrived Centralia Second 679 230 AM January 12
Departed Centralia No. 695 430 AM
Arrived Elma No. 695 545 AM
Departed Elma Elma-Shelton Local 745 AM
Arrived Shelton Elma-Shelton Local 910 AM
Departed Shelton Bremerton Local 940 AM
Arrived Bangor Bremerton Local 1130 AM. -IWB

122 PM
Agent Steilacoom advises there are indications that someone tried to pry open the two side windows on the east end of the depot and one from the back during the night unsuccessfully. -IWB

128 PM
JHJ C&E Morning Star-Portland; EPH; FJT IER WEB-Seattle; AHT JJR IWB JHH EMO DTS
Account only two Coast Tacoma one Superior three Coast Seattle in sight for Morning Star from Portland in AM Mr. Jones will please accumulate sufficient time freight at Portland Depot Yard after departure of Second 679 and be sure these cars properly blocked before arrival of Morning Star connection so that Morning Star leaves Portland with as close to 24 cars as possible exclusive of engine and caboose properly blocked for Tacoma and Seattle. -IWB

245 PM
C&E No. 640-Lester; Agent-Easton; AJA-Cle Elum; DEL-Yakima; GET GAS GJB AAK-Auburn; CHM-Seattle; IWB JHH EMO LCW MTN
Number 606 Conductor Peterson 2526 2524 2525 288 Engineer Iverson by Lester 740 AM with 45-40-3,965 pulled knuckle out of west end of NP 6188 plywood 972 at mile post 50 just west of Stampede at 825 AM. Set this car out on siding at Stampede and returned for balance of train and departed Stampede at 1030 AM with 44-40-3,883 this was ninth car behind engine. Conductor advises tried several different types of knuckle and was able to find a knuckle to fit car. On arrival Easton No. 640 will cut off engine return to Stampede handle this car to Easton and if possible place a knuckle into this car and handle along with train through to Yakima. Otherwise handle this car behind caboose to Cle Elum where Mr. Alexander will arrange repairs. Conductor Peterson advises left last knuckle they tried on car and [No.] 640 should be sure to retrieve this knuckle before moving car. -IWB

253 PM
EPH-Centralia; IWB JHH EMO
Regarding NP 87632 crushed rock derailing on crossover Chehalis Junction January 8. This car was weighed with results gross 185,800 tare 54,200 net 131,600 this car has six by 11 inch journals and should be good for a gross weight of 220,000 pounds. -IWB

325 PM
ESU-St. Paul; ABJ WEB-Seattle; IWB JHH CGS
Unfilled orders tonight for:
Five 50 foot double door wallboard east, seven same plywood east, one same plywood local, 14 same paper California
Eight 40 foot double door plywood east
One 48 foot covered gondola steel east, four same steel local.
Short for BCE: two 40 foot double door plywood east.
Reported losses Tacoma: nine 50 foot double door paper California, one same plywood east, one same plywood local. -IWB

326 PM
WWW-Missoula; DHK-Spokane; IWB-Tacoma
Regarding my letter November 11 about proposed operation of 7-25-C diesel units on time freights between Auburn, Livingston, and Northtown. Assignments of these units as proposed in test runs has been approved subject to coordinating the change over. Please advise promptly what problems will be encountered with this schedule on your respective divisions and your views as to methods for correcting them. -NML

400 PM
Steilacoom's On Hand Report shows NP 61994 60617 56016 lumber on hand ten and 11 days for Bridge and Building Department. Please expedite unloading advising. -IWB

525 PM
Surface track Mile Post 64 plus 429 feet to Mile Post 64 plus 4,290 feet. Total 3,861 feet. Two and a half hours train delay. -G.L. Holmes

530 PM
AAJ GJB RAR GET GAS C&E Work Train-Auburn; Agent-Kanaskat; Agent-Lester; Agent-Easton; Agent-Cle Elum; FWC-Yakima; IWB JHH EMO EGA LCW MGT MTN
Thursday, January 13, Mr. Arbogast furnish GP9 engine with front end air engine crew on duty 445 AM. Mr. Jacobson furnish train crew with two brakemen on duty 445 AM all called for work train service. Give this train Spreader 642 on head end. This train will pick up car of salt at Kanaskat and will work between Lester and Easton as directed by Roadmaster who will be in charge. Now expect to tie up at Cle Elum Thursday night. This crew will be out less that six days and need not be assigned. Caller when calling these crews to notify them there are no eating facilities in the area so they may carry lunches if they so desire. -IWB

701 PM
AJA-Cle Elum; GJB-Auburn; CHM-Seattle; IWB JHH EMO CGS
Following from Trainmaster Cochran: ''UP 149149 chips SP 563568 lumber and ATSF 91019 lumber from Boise Cascade Lumber Mill Yakima date each had end hand hold bend. Boise Cascade advises they will handle for correction.'' -IWB

1025 PM
DHK-Spokane; GET AAJ GJB-Auburn; Car Foreman-Pasco; FJT HLH IER WEB CHM-Seattle; Track Supervisor-Cle Elum; IWB JHH EMO CGS DHG LCW DTN
About 745 PM tonight Conductor Osborn Second 640 called this office from Ellensburg advising that RTTX 912434 empty auto car billed from Ford Motor Company care Convoy Company Seattle to Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant, Fairlane, Ohio, located in train 28 cars from caboose had evidently struck tunnel or bridge somewhere between Auburn and Easton. One ramp on top of this car is now missing and another ramp knocked down inside of car. Confirming phone Mr. Lovelass will see this car billed to stop at Pasco RIP track where car foreman will make inspection and advise results. Auburn Cle Elum Track Supervisor advise if ramp found on trip Cle Elum to Auburn, January 13, also location.
Memo: Second 640 Conductor, Engineer Garrett, 46-42-4,026 tons. This car left Seattle on Crew 4 855 PM Tuesday, January 11. No advice from Seattle as to excessive measurements or if any movement on this car. Conductor Osborn advised that rear brakeman told him that carman who inspected train at Auburn had attempted to lower ramp but was unsuccessful and had advised this brakeman that car was evidently a little high and they should watch at points of close clearance. This information was not passed on to Dispatcher's Office. -IWB

1039 PM
139 welds today, total welds to date 4,766, 1.5 hours delay NP switching load out. -C.R. Anzalone

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