N.P. Ry.

Tell Tale Extra

A Week in the Life, January 13, 1966

Tacoma Division - Tacoma, Washington
Superintendent's Office - Tacoma Union Station
January 13, 1966 - Thursday

130 AM
January 12 FPU Extra 2515 East left Yakima 1130 PM with 59-42-4,804 tons.
Included nine perishables. Delayed 30 minutes repair broken nipple on NP 82749 cattle. -IWB

232 AM
[Number] 603 Extra 2521 West arrived Auburn 905 PM with 53-10-3,936, including two Seattle cars, no carloaders. Delay, no connection account no rush Seattle cars. -AAJ

320 AM
January 12 No. 2 left Seattle on time seven cars. Arrived Yakima on time seven cars. Departed Yakima 15 minutes late nine cars. Delayed Yakima 15 minutes switching and steam. Picked up at Yakima 1922, 1931, [RPO] 81. Set out at Yakima [RPO] 82. -IWB

320 AM
January 12 No. 601 arrived Yakima 922 PM with 44-13-2,625 tons
Departed Yakima 927 PM with same
Arrived Auburn 135 AM with same
Departed Auburn 158 AM with 34-3-1,758 tons
Arrived Seattle 235 AM with same.
Delayed Auburn eight minutes switching. -IWB

339 AM
[Number] 601 Extra 2504 West arrived Auburn 135 AM with 44-13-2,625 including 37 Seattle cars of which one was a carloader.
Seattle connection handled by Extra 215 West Crew 8. Connection was made up at 151 AM from yard, waybills 135 AM, engine on 14 AM, air 156 AM, departed 158 AM, with 34-3-1,759. Arrived Seattle 235 AM. Carloaders delivered 320 AM. Delay eight minutes switching. -AAJ

405 AM
To come:
[Number] 603 Yakima 200 PM.
[Number] 601 Yakima 400 PM.
[Number] 603 one Tacoma.
[Number] 601 none reported.
Weather: Yakima cloudy, calm 26 above, five inches snow; Easton cloudy, light west wind, 41 above, 34 inches snow; Lester cloudy, calm 34 above, 19 inches snow. -IWB

525 AM
ABJ-Seattle; EPH-Centralia; IWB JHH EMO
January 12 First 679 left Lake Yard 230 PM with 25-38-2,637 tons. Had:
NWS 9 Brooklyn 214 PM [January 11] Portland 508 PM [January 11] four cars
Second NCP 9 Brooklyn 450 PM [January 11] Portland 647 PM [January 11] six cars
First 376 Brooklyn 645 AM [January 12] Portland 1043 M [January 12] seven cars
Had following TOFC loads: five Seattle, one Tacoma. Tonnage left not available 22-4-1,400 tons after departure First 679.
January 12 Second 679 left Lake Yard 1220 AM [January 13] with 43-30-3571 tons. Had:
Second 376 Brooklyn 1025 AM [January 12] Portland 1219 PM [January 12] four cars
Had following TOFC loads: three Seattle, one Tacoma. Tonnage left not available 17-8-1,049 tons after departure Second 679. -IWB

638 AM
WEB CHM-Seattle; GET-Auburn; IWB JHH EMO
January 12 No. 640 left Auburn 1230 PM with 41-49-4,001.
January 12 Second 640 left Auburn 345 PM with 46-42-4,026.
January 12 No. 642 not run.
January 13 No. 600 left Auburn 105 AM with 33-22-2,945.
Delayed five minutes switching. Light account insufficient time to switch out additional cars.
January 13 No. 606 left Auburn 545 AM with 58-22-3,988. -IWB

800 AM
8 AM Wire Report
[Wire] 951 garbled Shelton to Bangor and Bremerton also noisy, very heavy escape same territory, five mill imbalance FJC MWI to Shelton. Other wires and phones OK. DAW Portland LAA Centralia. Copy IWB CGS Tacoma GFH FJC Seattle. -PEN

815 AM
January 12 Crew 3 departed Auburn 705 PM with 16-65-3,193
Arrived Tacoma 845 PM with 17-65-3,258
Departed Tacoma 1030 PM with 31-41-2,370
Arrived Auburn 1145 PM with same.
January 12 Crew 4 departed Auburn 510 PM with 11-7-945
Arrived Seattle 700 PM with 10-8-970
Departed Seattle 915 PM with 30-31-2,739
Arrived Auburn 1010 PM with same.
January 13 No. 600 departed Auburn 105 AM with 33-22-2,945
Arrived Yakima 525 AM with same
Departed Yakima 530 AM with same
[Number] 600 delayed five minutes Auburn switching. -IWB

943 AM
January 12 Wilburton Eleventh Sub-Division tie renewal between Mile Post 5 and Mile Post 6 amount placed 316 ties. Train delay three hours machines out of service, tie handler eight hours. -James Holt

955 AM
Raymond's On Hand Report for January 10 shows: SP 125327 NP 17329 on hand empty delayed seven days. Advise status. -IWB

1000 AM
DSS-South Tacoma
South Tacoma's On Hand Report for January 10 shows: Lumber Yard SPS 34053 SP 142579 SP 560252 LN 24584, loads, on hand four to 15 days. Please expedite unloading to avoid paying unnecessary per diem. -IWB

1106 AM
January 12 surfaced main track with specified gravel with Tamper 150 and 159 from 2,600 feet west Mile Post 3 to 4,620 feet west Mile Post 3 Twelfth Sub-Division. Train delay one hour total footage 2,020. Ran out of ballast. -J.P. Pipkin

1109 AM
Planks laid between Eleventh Sub-Division track crossing in front of Woodinville depot where Twelfth Sub-Division crosses over to Fifth Sub-Division account NP gravel trucks using as ditcher. Is clearing mud from right of way about 30 feet west of depot on Twelfth Sub-Division. -Agent, Woodinville

1109 AM
Agent-Sumas; AAJ-Auburn; H.J. Bond-Aberdeen; AHT JJR IWB JHH EMO GTF
Have had a serious complaint from Grays Harbor Paper at Hoquiam regarding mishandling IC 28845 and PA 24634 wood pulp which they require to keep their operation running today. My CD-301 of January 11 instructed those concerned to expedite these two cars. Am now advised these two cars left Sumas on No. 676 January 11 and were handled through to Auburn. Mr. Jacobson forwarded to Tacoma on Crew 3 January 12 in the middle of a 65-car train and Mr. Torklep failed to switch these cars out in time to forward them on No. 694 last night with the result they will now be delayed 24 additional hours Agent Sumas advise why these two cars were not switched into the Tacoma block on No. 676 as per standing instructions and Mr. Torklep advise why there two cars were not switched out and forwarded on No. 694 last night as per my CD-301. Understanding there were two additional cars UTLX 63206 and UTLX 63012 sulfur for Hoquiam which also have been delayed this same account although company has made no complaint on these two cars as they 24 hours delay will not hurt them. -IWB

1119 AM
At 10 AM Martin partly cloudy calm 34 above 69 inches old snow. Stampede partly cloudy calm 36 above 48 inches old snow. -HGV

1120 AM
WGJ JHJ-Portland; RAM-Vancouver; RHS-GN Seattle; ABJ-Seattle; EPH-Centralia; AHT JJR DTS IWB JHH EMO
Cancel my CD-841 of December 24 restricting movement of grain to Kalama OK to let grain move through to destination with the exception that if there are over 25 cars off any one road on one day confer with Agent Kalama before forwarding. -IWB

112 PM
Refer to my W-245 January 11 which order NP 97715 NP 98352 and NP 98280 to Yakima to be forwarded not later than [No.] 606 January 12. Cars were not forwarded until [No.] 640 the 12th consequently we lost one load from Libby McNeil and Libby Yakima because cars were not forwarded as directed. Advise full circumstances. -IWB

118 PM
Northern Pacific 14270 was reported with old air date by ICC Inspector at Longview and Agent Longview billed this car to Tacoma RIP Track and car was forwarded on Portland-Tacoma Time Freight January 11. My CD-254 of January 10 instructed ''Be sure set to RIP Track promptly at Tacoma and Mr. Rothschiller advise when repairs have been made.''
Mr. Torklep please make an inspection as to why this penalty bad order was not handled as instructed. The number of fall downs we hare having is causing concern as to whether attention is being paid to instructions issued your office. -IWB

123 PM
There is a movement of cement from Lone Star at Seattle en route Yakima that has been suffering delay and all concerned must see that these cars are handled in connections. Cars are received from Pacific Coast at Seattle in the evening normally after Crew 4 leaves and if there is an extra transfer into Seattle prior to Crew Six Mr. Tharp should be sure these cars forwarded on that train otherwise not later than Crew Six and Mr. Jacobson be sure cars forwarded on [No.] 606 if can make connection but not later than [No.] 640. -IWB

142 PM
Section Foreman-East Olympia; Agent-Nisqually; IWB JHH EMO KAR MGT LLN LCW DTS
At request of Mr. Strau Puget Sound Power and Light Olympia, Section Foreman Olympia please arrange to have a flagman 900 feet north of Mile Post 27 east of Nisqually at 9 AM Friday January 14 account Puget Sound Power and Light stringing wires across our track at that location. Reporting all expense for charge to Puget Sound Power and Light. -IWB

151 PM
At 716 AM UP Chief Dispatcher advised Extra UP 233 West had reported via radio that a tie protruding from a car on Second 680's train had struck their engine at Woodland bending grab irons on this unit. Dispatcher immediately had Yardmaster Vancouver notify Second 680 by radio to stop and inspect their train.
Union Pacific advise the only damage done to their engine was that a grab iron was bent which they have straightened out and as far as they are concerned no further report is necessary. -IWB

156 PM
J Nentl-MILW Tacoma; AAJ DA GET-Auburn; ESU-St. Paul; FWC-Yakima; WEB CHM ABJ NML-Seattle; IWB JHH EMO EGA LCW MTN DTN
At 710 AM Milwaukee requested detour their train 261 Easton to Black River account their 262 derailing engine at Garcia in slide.
Conductor-Pilot and Engineer-Pilot were called at Auburn for 915 AM to deadhead to Easton with Trainmaster [G.E.] Trenary to handle this train on detour.
At 1050 AM Milwaukee advised they expected to have their line open about 2 PM and were canceling all detours. Mr. Trenary had just arrived Easton with the two pilots and was instructed to handle them back to Auburn where these men were released from work train service. All expense in this regard chargeable to Milwaukee. -IWB

210 PM
Third 671 Conductor Hiles GN 432A Engineer Timpe by UP Junction 726 AM date failed to cut River Street crossover at Tacoma causing delay to NP yard movements. Mr. Shober please handle for correction. -IWB

220 PM
Agent Ellensburg advises EL 71288 ATSF 19253 at Thorp loaded January 12 and expect to pull this date. These cars were snowbound and customer could not get to cars and switches not cleaned out, so cars could not be removed. -IWB

325 PM
JHJ C&E Morning Star-Portland; EPH-Centralia; FJT IER WEB-Seattle; AHT JJR IWB JHH EMO DTS
Account only four Coast Tacoma six Coast one Superior Seattle in sight for Morning Star from Portland in AM Mr. Jones will please accumulate sufficient time freight at Portland Depot Yard after departure of Second 679 and be sure these cars are properly blocked before arrival of Morning Star connection so that Morning Star leaves Portland with as close to 24 cars as possible exclusive of engine and caboose properly blocked for Tacoma and Seattle. -IWB

345 PM
ESU-St. Paul; ABJ WEB-Seattle; IWB JHH CGS
Unfilled orders tonight for:
Four 50 foot double door plywood east, five same paper local, 11 same paper California.
Four 40 foot double door plywood east.
Three 48 foot covered gondolas steel local.
Short for the BCE: One 50 foot double door paper east. Two 40 foot double door plywood east.
Reported losses Tacoma: eight 50 foot double door paper California. -IWB

440 PM
Car Foreman-Kelso; Agent-Kalama; WGJ-Portland; EPH-Centralia; CHM-Seattle; IWB JHH EMO LCW JJR DTS
Understand UP switch crew at elevator Kalama shoved CBQ 60004 empty in NP account over end of bumper on Empty Track 2 derailing east truck of car. Mr. Killoran please arrange to re-rail this car in AM advising done and Mr. Johnson please investigate with Conductor Deardorf as to how this derailment occurred. -IWB

445 PM
JLM-SPS Portland; EPH-Centralia; IWB JHH EMO DTS
Portland-Tacoma Time Freight Extra 335 West this morning reports delayed Willbridge 15 minutes SPS engine 65, Willamette River Bridge ten minutes bridge open, East St. Johns 50 minutes SPS Transfer 65 ahead, North Portland Junction 20 minutes SPS Transfer ahead, Columbia River Drawbridge ten minutes draw opened. Departed Lake Yard 645 AM. Arrived Vancouver 935 AM. -IWB

515 PM
Surfaced track mile post 64 plus 4,290 feet to mile post 65 plus 2,340 feet [Third Sub-Division]. Total 3,330 feet. Two hour train delay, one hour break down. -G.L. Holmes

749 PM
Surfaced track Mile Post 64 plus 4,290 feet to Mile Post 65 plus 2,340 feet. Total 3,330 feet. Two hour train delay, one hour breakdown. -G.L. Holmes

910 PM
Section Foreman-Snohomish; PLW-Everett; ERH-Arlington; NJH-Seattle; IWB JHH CGS MGT DTN
[Number] 932 tonight Conductor Forman Engineer McGilvray advise they struck and killed a cow just west of Mile Post 54 between Getchell and Edgecomb. Section Foreman Snohomish arrange to dispose of January 14 advising done. -IWB

1010 PM
One hundred seventy one welds today. Total welds to day 4,937. Seven cars rail unloaded today UP 65320 MKT 388 UP 65837 UP 64399 Pennsylvania 376040. -C.R. Anzalone

1110 PM
At 759 PM Section Foreman Heckman Belfair reports slip out 50 feet deep 4.5 rail lengths long about 20 feet from north rail between Mile Post 12 and east of Mile Post 12 between Belfair and Shelton. Roadmaster now en route to make inspection. -IWB

1141 PM
[Number] 601 Extra 2522 West arrived Auburn 1038 PM with 50-10-3,036 including 52 Seattle cars none of which were carloaders.
Seattle connection handled by Extra 336 West Crew 5. Connecting crew arrived Auburn 815 PM with 17-7-2,087 and set out 24 cars at Auburn into yard. Connection was made up at 1053 PM, waybills 1038 PM, engine on 1055 PM, air 1057 PM, departed 1058 PM with 42-10-2,679. Arrived Seattle 1138 PM, no carloaders. Delays five minutes large cut to handle. -AAJ

1141 PM
[Number] 603 Extra 2521 West arrived Auburn 915 PM with 54-12-4,000 including one Seattle car which was not a carloader. No connection made account no rush Seattle cars. -AAJ

1148 PM
ABJ-Seattle; EPH-Centralia; IWB JHH EMO
January 13 First 679 left Lake Yard 315 PM 36-39-3,083 tons. Had:
NCP 10 to Brooklyn 650 PM January 12 to Portland 943 PM January 12 with two cars
NWS 10 to Brooklyn 720 PM January 12 to Portland 950 PM January 12 with five cars
NCP 10 to Brooklyn 650 PM January 12 to Portland 850 PM January 12 with four cars
NWS 10 to Brooklyn 720 PM January 12 to Portland 1230 AM January 13 with five cars
First 376 to Brooklyn 720 AM January 12 to Portland 1107 AM January 13 with six cars
Second NCP 376 to Brooklyn 815 AM January 12 to Portland 1107 AM January 13 with seven cars
OPS 2 to Brooklyn 1000 AM January 12 to Portland 1232 AM January 13 with one car.
Had following TOFC loads: three Tacoma, three Seattle. Tonnage left not available 19-12-1,625 tons after departure First 679.
Second 679 left Lake Yard 1030 PM 22-17-1,88 tons. Had:
OPS 2 to Brooklyn 120 AM to Portland 1232 PM January 13 with 11 cars.
Had following TOFC loads: two Seattle, one Tacoma, one Aberdeen. Tonnage left not available 41-24-3,446 after departure Second 679. -IWB

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