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Tell Tale Extra

A Week in the Life, January 15, 1966

Tacoma Division - Tacoma, Washington
Superintendent's Office - Tacoma Union Station
January 15, 1966 - Saturday

205 AM
January 14 FPU Extra 2523 East left Yakima 1125 PM with 57-42-4,768 tons. Included 14 perishables. Delayed ten minutes air, 15 minutes work No. 601 in preference. -IWB

240 AM
500 AM Yakima westbound 0-2-60 tons.
Cle Elum westbound 26-5-1,796 tons (Dead Freight West).
East bound clear.
Auburn 500 AM after No. 600.
To come:
Dead Freight west Auburn 1130 AM.
[Number] 603 Yakima 330 PM.
[Number] 603 four Seattle, one Tacoma.
Weather: Yakima clear, calm 26 above, four inches of snow; Easton clear, calm 30 above, 24 inches of snow; Lester cloudy, calm 33 above, 16 inches of snow. -IWB

325 AM
January 14 No. 2 left Seattle on time with nine cars. Arrived Yakima four minutes late with nine cars. Departed Yakima four minutes late with nine cars. Delayed Easton four minutes meeting No. 601. Picked up at Yakima [RPO] 81. Set out at Yakima [RPO] 89. -IWB

340 AM
ABJ-Seattle; EPH-Centralia; IWB JHH EMO
January 14 First 679 left Lake Yard 420 PM with 51-38-4,136 tons. Had:
NWS 11 to Brooklyn 355 PM January 13 to Portland 645 PM January 13 with seven cars
OPS 12 to Brooklyn 510 PM January 13 to Portland 747 PM January 13 with 11 cars
First 376 to Brooklyn 1000 AM January 14 to Portland 940 AM January 14 with seven cars
NCP 11 to Brooklyn 930 PM January 13 to Portland 650 AM January 14 with seven cars
NCP 12 to Brooklyn 145 AM January 14 to Portland 1105 AM January 14 with three cars.
Had following TOFC loads: three Seattle, one Tacoma. Tonnage left not available: 35-10-2,000 tons after departure First 679.
January 14 Second 679 left Lake Yard 1055 PM with 55-13-3,688 tons. Had:
NCP 12 to Brooklyn 145 AM January 14 to Portland 1105 AM January 14 with 11 cars
NC NCP 12 to Brooklyn 145 AM January 14 to Portland 1242 PM January 14 with 19 cars
Second 376 to Brooklyn 1100 AM January 14 to Portland 202 PM January 14 with ten cars.
Had following TOFC loads: six Seattle, two Yakima. Tonnage left not available: 30-15-1,875 tons after departure Second 679. -IWB

515 AM
WEB CHM-Seattle; GET-Auburn; IWB JHH EMO
January 14 No. 601 arrived Yakima 1017 PM with 69-4-3,993 tons
Departed Yakima 1022 PM with 65-4-3,853 tons
Arrived Auburn 355 AM with same
Departed Auburn 400 AM with 42-3-2,334 tons
Arrived Seattle 440 AM with same.
Delayed Hillside 15 minutes block signal 995 at stop account rocks in fence. Maywood 25 minutes meet No. 600. Yakima to Auburn 24 minutes lost on run account heavy train with three units. Auburn ten minutes switching. -IWB

605 AM
WEB CHM-Seattle; GET-Auburn; IWB JHH EMO
January 14 First 640 left Auburn 1220 PM with 42-52-3,710 tons.
January 14 Second 640 left Auburn 400 PM with 43-51-4,000 tons.
January 15 No. 600 left Auburn 1255 AM with 42-29-3,620 tons.
January 15 No. 606 left Auburn 530 AM with 48-27-3,985 tons. -IWB

610 AM
UP Junction-
Date and time car set out: January 15, 430 AM
Train and engine setting car out: Second 680, Extra 5403D East
Station and location on track were set out: Tacoma yard
Car initials, number, type of car and contents: NP 110126, tank, oil
Consignee and destination: NP, Centralia
Shipper and originating station: Shell Oil Co., Seattle
Routing: NP
Reason for setting out and cause of failure: Broken drawbar
Point where car into train: Seattle
Location of car in train and delay: Sixteen behind engine, 55 minutes delay
Conductor: Fanshier.

640 AM
At 430 AM Second 680 Conductor Fanshier Extra 5403D East Engineer Carroll with 67-21-4,745 while passing Reservation broke drawbar on east end NP 110126 oil for Centralia, 16 cars behind engine.
Car taken out at Tacoma and Mr. Torklep will deliver to RIP and Rothschiller make prompt repairs. When repaired Mr. Torklep forward to Centralia. Drawbar is still with car. Waybill at Tacoma. Delay 55 minutes. -IWB

1052 AM
[Number] 603 Extra 2519 West arrived 1145 PM January 14 with 55-9-4,008 [tons], including two Seattle cars--no carloaders.
Seattle connection handled by Extra 248 West Crew 6. No connection made account no carloaders. Arrived Seattle 245 AM. -AAJ

1052 AM
[Number] 601 Extra 2502 West arrived 335 AM with 65-4-3,853 [tons], including 45 Seattle cars--five carloaders.
Seattle connection handled by Extra 217 West Crew 7 from yard. Connection made up 355 AM, waybills on 335 AM, engine on 357 AM, air 359 AM, departed 400 AM with 42-3-2,234. Delayed ten minutes account large cut to handle. Arrived Seattle 440 AM with same. -AAJ

136 PM
Track Supervisor Van Wagoner GJB GET-Auburn; IWB JHH EMO CGS DHG LCS DBM
Various files regarding ramp lost from RTTX 912424 in Second 640's train January 12. Ramp has been found at east switch Martin. Track Supervisor Van Wagoner will handle it Monday from that location to Cle Elum where it is to be turned over to Mr. Alexander who will be given further disposition by the Mechanical Department. -IWB

520 PM
Surfacing track Mile Post 65 plus 2,340 feet to Mile Post 66. Total 2,940 feet. One hour train delay. Jackson broke down. -G.L. Holmes

745 PM
Agent-Ridgefield; MHG-UP Albina; Section Foreman-Woodland; Car Foreman-Kelso; EPH PAW-Centralia; IWB JHH EMO MGT JJR CGS DTS
715 PM Conductor Ralph on Tacoma-Portland Time Freight Extra 218 East reported from Ridgefield that while switching on Armstrong Spur at Ridgefield a coupling failed to make and UP 161226 empty box for veneer loading ran over bumper on end of spur derailing west truck. Same crew attempted to pull car back on but unable to do so account body would lift on center pin when pull was attempted. Mr. Rothschiller arrange to re-rail first thing Monday AM January 17, advising when slow order may be removed. Section Foreman Woodland make inspection of track first thing Monday AM advising if any damage. Car reportedly is in Union Pacific account. Dispatcher place slow order to cover. -IWB

1112 PM
AAJ GJB DA AS GET C&E No. 675-Auburn; Agent-Sumas; PLW-Everett; CHM WEB-Seattle; IWB JHH EMO DTN
Confirming phone Arbogast will furnish five units in multiple to protect No. 675 from Auburn Sunday January 16.
[Number] 675 this PM reduced at Edgecomb 12-2-938 tons and No. 676 from Sumas January 16 will pick up this reduction and handle through to Auburn.
Memo: Reduction is all for Auburn. -IWB

1115 PM
[Number] 603 Extra 2525 West arrived Auburn 915 PM with 54-9-3,122 including 57 Seattle cars of which five were carloaders.
Seattle connection handled by Extra 229 West Crew 5 from yard. Connection was made up at 918 PM, waybills on 1015 PM, engine on 1009 PM, air 1019 PM, departed 1030 PM with 54-9-3,122. Delayed 45 minutes regular transfer to handle. Arrived Seattle 1125 PM. Carloaders delivered 1210 AM. -AAJ

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