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Tell Tale Extra

A Week in the Life, January 2, 1966

Tacoma Division - Tacoma, Washington
Superintendent's Office - Tacoma Union Station
January 1, 1966 - Saturday

247 AM
December 31, First 679 left Lake Yard [Guild's Lake Yard, Portland, OR] at 325 PM with 56 loads, 25 empties, 4,325 tons, had three TOFC loads for Seattle and one for Yakima. Second 679 left Lakeyard at 958 PM with 20-18-1643, three TOFC loads for Seattle. -IWB

255 AM
December 31, Extra 7011D [EMD FP-9A] East left Yakima at 1055 PM with 58-16-3991, including eight perishables. -IWB

353 AM
Number Two [Eastbound Mainstreeter] left Seattle on time with 14 cars, arrived Yakima 25 minutes late, left 36 minutes late. Set out Baggage 227 and picked up Railway Post Office 81 at Yakima. Delayed 13 minutes for mail at East Auburn, five minutes for express at Cle Elum, seven minutes for mail at Ellensburg and 11 minutes for mail at Yakima. -IWB

408 AM
Weather Report - Mountain. Yakima: clear skies, winds calm, temperature 15 above, seven inches of snow; Easton: moderate snow, calm, 24 above, 14 inches of snow; Lester: light snow, calm, 30 above, ten inches of snow. To come: First 603, 1100 AM; Second 603 400 PM. -IWB

610 AM
December 31 Dead Freight Extra 5407D West Conductor McHugh units 5407D, 5407C, 7011A, 7008B, 7000D, 353 [EMD FTA, FTB, F-9A, F-9B, F-9A, GP-9] Engineer Cline with 70-79-7676 when starting train at Yakima Yard broke knuckle on west end SP 212500 for Portland, 33 percent old break. Train delayed ten minutes replace knuckle 30 minutes additional on air. Broken knuckle left close to section tool house east of Yakima depot on east side of main track. Section Foreman Yakima retrieve during regular tour of duty Monday, January 3 and place on scrap pile. -IWB

740 AM
December 31 640 departed Auburn 125 PM with 52-24-3749.
December 31 642 not run.
January 1 First 600 departed Auburn 140 AM with 59-11-3999, delayed 40 minutes for piston travel.
January 1 Second 600 departed Auburn 700 AM with 54-10-3990, delayed one hour to replace generator belts on caboose. -IWB

745 AM
December 31 Crew Three [Local/Transfer] departed Auburn 715 PM with 34-22-3151, arrived Tacoma 815 PM, departed with 25-17-2192, arrived Auburn 1110 PM. December 31 Crew Four departed Auburn 520 PM with 11-1-926, arrived Seattle 705 PM departed 835 with 27-56-2980, arrived Auburn 935 PM. January 1 First 600 departed Auburn 140 AM with 59-11-3999, arrived Yakima 655 AM, departed 705 AM. First 600 delayed 40 minutes at Auburn for piston travel, 30 minutes at Umtanum to meet Number 25, five minutes at Yakima for air. -IWB

1030 AM
Number 606 at Maywood, 935 AM, Conductor J. Sauriol, 7005A, 2516, 2506, 2528, [EMD FP-9A, GE U-25C, U-25C, U-25C] Engineer [Harry] Iverson, 54-10-3990. Fire broke out in control panel 7005A and it was necessary at Maywood to switch this unit to the rear of engine consist account unable to use as a control unit. Unit should continue through to Pasco or Livingston for repairs. Number 606 delayed one hour. -IWB

1135 AM
Thompson at King Street will see Number 408 today is made up with Coffee Shop Cars 1681, 1682 and 1680 leading as that train leaves Seattle. On return from Portland, Number 407 [Seattle-Portland Day Passenger Pool Train, traded off with GN and UP in alternating years] tonight, conductor will load train in such way that two of these cars contain Tacoma passengers only to the end that these cars will be empty leaving Tacoma. Rosthschiller will have carmen on hand at Tacoma to cut steam from these last two cars while train is standing at Tacoma. At Auburn 407 will make stop as directed by Yardmaster and Jacobson will be on hand with yard engine to take off these rear two cars from 407 and will ad them to read of Number Two at East Auburn. Bradley will have carmen on hand at Auburn and East Auburn to assist in this switching. These coaches will be take by Number Two through to Spokane or Missoula, as required by the accommodations of heavy holiday travel. Thompson see extra paper supply is added to these cars from Seattle so that will be available on the trip on Number Two tonight. -IWB

1205 PM
Account extreme shortage of coaches and heavy holiday travel on Sunday, January 2, Thompson will take entire coach consist of Number One arriving Seattle, now expect to be three regular coaches and one extra coach. See these cars carefully cleaned, turn and add to head end of Number 408 in such manner that the three line coaches lead next followed by Coach 1350 and sleepers or coffee shop cars being used as coached account will require every possible piece of equipment to accommodate travel on Number 407 and 408. Number Two from Seattle Sunday PM will have to be held open at Seattle at King Street until arrive of Number 407 and then Thompson will set over the three line coaches and at least four other coaches from 407, working closely with conductor 407 and Chief Dispatcher [C.G. 'Chuck' Stillman] to ascertain if this will be sufficient equipment to accommodate people for Number Two. Conductor of Number Two will take note he must block enough cars from Seattle to accommodate the people at East Auburn. Mr. Hawkes will note that Number Two will be late from Seattle this PM and will be necessary for the buses to remain at East Auburn fro Tacoma passengers so they can have protection from the weather account station unable to accommodate. Thomspon will do emergency cleaning and servicing to the coaches from 407 at Seattle, supplying paper and water doing only necessary emergency cleanup in restrooms to avoid delay to Number Two as much as possible. Conductor 407 will advice from Centralia number of passengers he has for Number Two so loading can be estimated as closely as possible. -IWB

145 PM
Number 600 last week shows several late departures from Auburn. It is highly important that this train be operated to leave Auburn on time. Steps should be taken to restore on time departure at once. -IWB

539 PM
Report for December 31, 128 welds today, 3,535 to date, 16 hours worked. -D.L. Montgomery, Foreman, Centralia, WA

824 PM
[Don] Arbogast [Dieselhouse Foreman, Auburn] furnish GP-9 engine with main reservoir air connection, engine crew on duty 945 PM, Jacobson furnish train crew, two brakemen on duty 945 PM, all called for work train service, giving the Spreader 642 headed east and Outfit Car 201393 now at Auburn Roundhouse and this crew will run to Lester and work clearing snow between Lester and Cle Elum as directed by Roadmaster [Robert A.] Robey and Trainmaster [G.E.] Trenary who will accompany train from Auburn. Crews will be out less than six days and will not be assigned and caller will notify crews that there are no eating facilities in this are so they may carry lunches if desired. This crew now expected to tie up at Cle Elum when mountain is clear and conductor will advise as soon as possible what orders will be required for following day. -IWB

907 PM
Conductor Watson on first 679 left a waybill for SP 651604, paper load for Oakland, CA with the Tacoma Yardmaster, advising the car was not out at Cascade Paper for pickup. Torklep will hold waybill at Tacoma and Agent Steilacoom advise when car will be ready. -IWB

925 PM
Number 640 today Conductor Past 5409D, 5409C, 7009D, 2513, 5407B, 5403D, [EMD FTA, FTB, F-9A, GE U-25C, FTB, FTA] Engineer Norman delayed one hour at Lester account engineer reported 2513 would not load up and necessary to reduce the head end 16 loads, three empties, 1,134 tons on Number Three track at Lester. Jacobson will let 2 PM extra east from Auburn, Sunday, January 2, out light enough to pick up this reduction which operator Lester will deliver to that train. Reduction includes two loads and two empties for Ellensburg to be set out at destination. Engineer Norman advised 2513 again working properly passing Easton. Mr. King please have inspected. -IWB

1145 PM
January 1 Number 26 [East bound North Coast Limited] left Seattle five minutes late with 14 cars. Arrived Yakima five minutes late, left Yakima 10 minutes late. Delayed Seattle five minutes for passengers, five minutes Yakima for baggage. -IWB

1148 PM
January 1 Extra 5409D [EMD FTA] East left Yakima at 1040 PM with 39-6-2624 tons, no perishables. -IWB


Ira W. Brewer, Superintendent, Tacoma Division, Tacoma, WA beginning in May, 1961, succeeding Worthington C. Smith. He began his service as a section hand on the Idaho Division in 1918 and became track supervisor in 1933. He served as Trainmaster at three Montana cities before promotion to Assistant Superintendent, Tacoma Division at Seattle in 1950. He was named Superintendent, Lake Superior Division at Duluth, MN in 1954 and became Superintendent, Yellowstone Division, Glendive, MT, in 1957. By law, all official telegrams over the division had to bear his signature, abbreviated by dispatchers as IWB.

Author: John A. Phillips, III. Title: A Week In The Life, January 1, 1966. URL: www.employees.org/~davison/nprha/ttewkjan166.html.

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