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Tell Tale Extra

A Week in the Life, January 5, 1966

Tacoma Division - Tacoma, Washington
Superintendent's Office - Tacoma Union Station
January 5, 1966 - Wednesday

1230 AM
First 680 Extra 5400D East Conductor Henricks sets out SP 340157 gon with steel load from Bethlehem Steel Seattle, WA to Bethlehem Steel South San Francisco, CA via NP Portland [OR] SP at east end Ketron siding due to hot box. Car into train at Seattle, 35 from head end, L-2 and R-2 six by 11 brass, lubricating pad. Twenty-five minute delay. -IWB

340 AM
Second 672 last PM Conductor Bylund GN 262B Engineer Caven reports ran through switch at east end of siding at Kalama. The above restored to service by section men about 900 PM same date. Following from Conductor Bylund dated Vancouver [WA] January 4 'At 5 PM Second 672 Extra GN 262B East with Engineer Caven ran through main switch at east end of eastward siding Kalama.' Following from Engineer Caven dated Vancouver [WA] January 4 'Pass witch at Kalama was run through account NP crew shoved into clear 15 car lengths left switch open. no one attended the switch. NP crew member on engine running board was waving his arm. I took it for a hiball. No reflector on light on switch. Engine 262B has very poor headlight and was just twilight and hazy. Sorry.' -IWB

335 AM
January 4 Number 640 left Yakima 1100 PM with 61-25-4444 including five perishables. -IWB

405 AM
Following from Signal Maintainer H [Harold] Dumpis dated Lester 940 AM January 3. 'Extra 5403D West reports signal 69.3 Stop at 230 PM January 2. Number 26 and Number 640 reported signal 70.6 at Stop. Investigated and found snow slide at Mile Post 70 plus 400 feet and plugs pulled. Replaced plugs and signals OK at 600 PM January 2. Account heavy snow was unable to return to Lester until 1240 AM January 3, track not blocked. -IWB

425 AM
Number Two last PM Conductor [Mar] Hebert 6505A Engineer [Joseph 'Shiny Shoes'] Hyllengren delayed at Maywood 23 minutes cut through tree which was obstructing track. Section forces now removing and signal maintainer restoring signals. -IWB

445 AM
Dead Freight West last PM at Martin, Conductor Casteel Dead Freight Extra 2501 West Engineer Mathews with 27-79-4000 made stop at CTC signal and in starting pulled drawbar from west end of NP 118860 chips which was sixth from engine. Head end and bad order car handled to Lester, return made and balance of train picked up. Above car handled through to Auburn behind caboose where Bradley arrange repair. Dead Freight Extra 2501 West delayed six hours 45 minutes, Number 601 delayed 30 minutes. Signal Maintainer [Harold Dumpis] report not yet received. Understand telegrapher at Easton unable to clear signal although route clear, etc. -IWB

505 AM
January 4 Number 601 arrived Yakima 925 PM with 54-6-2730, departed 930 PM, arrived Auburn 325 AM, left 338 AM with 36-4-1889, arrived Seattle 415 AM. Delayed ten minutes Bristol to Teanaway signal 18.5 red, 30 minutes Easton to Martin due to Dead Freight Extra 2501 West break in two, ten minutes Lester due to red signals at west end, 26 minutes Maywood to Humphrey due to signals 67.5, 68.3 and 69.3 red, 30 minutes Eagle Gorge to dig out switches and meet Number 600. -IWB

510 AM
January 4 Number Two left Seattle on time with eight cars. Departed Yakima 47 minutes late with nine cars. Picked up RPO 81 at Yakima. Delayed fine minutes East Auburn for mail, five minutes Eagle Gorge, signal 74.4 red, 23 minutes Maywood to remove tree from track, two minutes Easton for passengers, five minutes Cle Elum for passengers and express, seven minutes Teanaway to Bristol signal 19.0 at Stop, 25 minutes at Yakima meeting Number One. -IWB

523 AM
[Number] 601 Extra 2528 West arrived Auburn 325 AM with 54-6-2730 including 40 Seattle cars of which two were carloaders. Seattle connection handled by Extra 250 West Crew Six. Connection was made up from yard at 333 AM, waybills 325 AM, engine on 335 AM, air 337 AM, departed 338 AM with 36-4-1889. Arrived Seattle 415, carloaders on interchange track 545 AM. -AAJ

620 AM
Extra 335 West Conductor Ralph sets out SHPX 1980 empty tank from Richmond Tank Car Manufacturing, Portland, OR to Consumers Co-Op Association, Hastings, NE via SP&S Willbridge [OR] NP Laurel [MT] CB&Q on west end Number Three track Longview Junction due to hot box. Car into train at Willbridge, sixth from head end, R-1 five and one-half by 10 inch brass, lubricating pad. Ten minute delay. -IWB

626 AM
Weather Report - Mountain.
Yakima: moderate fog, wind calm, 12 above, 16 inches of snow; Easton: cloudy, wind calm, 25 above, 38 inches of snow; Lester: cloudy, wind calm, 20 above, 38 inches of snow. To Come: 603 700 PM, 601 900 PM, Dead Freight 1100 PM. -IWB

705 AM
January 4 Number 640 left Auburn 1240 PM with 46-31-3469.
January 4 Number 642 not run.
January 5 Number 600 left Auburn 1255 AM with 48-13-3741.
January 5 Number 606 left Auburn 15 AM with 47-26-3724. Delayed 15 minutes for engine arriving Number 601 at 325 AM. -IWB

800 AM
Eight AM Wire Report.
[Wire] 951 shorted 11.2 miles west of Elma between Elma and Shelton. Pole down Mile Post 21 between Marmac and Shelton LAA and MWI covering. Six poles reported down between Shelton and Bremerton 951 and 952 MCD 302 not working this account. FJC Tacoma DAW Chehalis. Copy IWB CGS Tacoma GFH FJC Seattle. -PEN

835 AM
January 4 955 PM Extra 2501 West Conductor Casteel pulled drawbar east end NP 118860 chip load to St. Regis Paper Tacoma, WA from Boise Cascade Ellensburg, WA via NP at Cle Elum. Handled through to Auburn. Car into train at Cle Elum, sixth from head end. Three hour 30 minute delay. -IWB

952 AM
At 9 AM date Mr. Robey [Robert A. Robey, Road Foreman of Engines, Auburn, WA] advises that all sidings east of Cle Elum are OK for service. They are now working on the yard at Cle Elum and when they complete there they will run to Easton cleaning Nelson siding out en route. Will then clean Easton Yard and expect to dig out 51 log flats at that place so that 640 today can handle these cars to Ellensburg. He will advice later this afternoon the progress they are making and disposition of the second crew. -CGS

1007 AM
January 4 Crew Three departed Auburn 713 PM with 7-56-1944, arrived Tacoma 830 PM, departed 1015 PM with 32-32-2931, arrived Auburn 1205 AM.
January 4 Crew Four departed Auburn 500 PM with 5-19-877, arrived Seattle 730 PM, departed 920 PM with 31-40-3092, arrived Auburn 1030 PM.
January 5 Number 600 departed auburn 1255 AM with 48-13-3741, arrived Yakima 652 AM, departed 702 AM. Number 600 delayed eight minutes Humphrey red block, eight minutes Lester red block, six minutes Teanaway red block, 50 minutes Ellensburg meeting Number One and Number 25, five minutes Yakima air. -IWB

1015 AM
Number 640 today will pick up at Easton 51 log empties for storage at Ellensburg. -IWB

1023 AM
January 4 Number Two arrived at Yakima at 222 AM with nine cars. Switch engine went against read Number Two to get [RPO] off. Number One arrived 234 AM with 14 cars, pulled up and blocked crossover so that switcher couldn't get off Number Two to work Number One and Number Two departed at 244 AM. Switch engine followed Number Two and came against Number One and removed [RPO]. Number One departed 327 AM. -DEL

1024 AM
Supplementing my letter of January 3 we have received additional shipping notices from CF&I [Colorado Fuel and Iron, Pueblo, CO] covering new 132 pound rail consigned to H.E. Nelson at Spurling, MT to be forwarded as follows. To M.G. Thompson at Centralia, WA UP 65556, UP 60078, UP 65542, UP 65471, UP 66617, UP 65730, UP 65451, UP 60119, UP 60174, UP 60144, UP 65044 en route. To W.E. Carlson at Livingston, MT UP 66623, UP 65571 en route. Confirming letter to follow. -S.H. Barlow [Engineering Department, System Engineer, Track, St. Paul, MN]

1030 AM
January 4 surfaced main track with bunker ballast from 1500 feet west Mile Post Two to 5000 feet west Mile Post Two, 12 Subdivision, with Tampers 159 and 150 total 3500 feet. -J.T. Pipkin

1047 AM
January 4 Work Order 1402 piling scrap and putting on rail anchors. -James Holt, Foreman, Extra Gang One, Longview, WA

1200 PM
Everett's On Hand Report for Monday, January 3 shows: NP 7551, 7864, 7783, 28885 on hand delayed five to seven days. Advise status. -IWB

1215 PM
Communications work train in AM should be furnished one GP-9 and should be furnished regular crew caboose plus two extra cabooses which should include Caboose 1314 account too many linemen to be handled in one extra caboose. -IWB

105 PM
South Tacoma On Hand Report for Monday, January 3 shows: Back Track NP 60912, 63042, 61840; Lumber Yard NP 61474, 60297, 61258, Reclaim NP 61570, 61475, 63806, 63321. All delayed five to 36 days. Can these cars be release so may be used for commercial loading? -IWB

108 PM
Mountain Dispatcher has a telephone to Yakima at 1115 AM which has been patched by SP&S to Spokane and return. -CGS

110 PM
South Tacoma On Hand Report for Monday, January 3 shows NP 62041 containing car body on hand 23 days. Please expedite unloading, so may be used for commercial service. Advise. -IWB

113 PM
Second 680 this AM Conductor Huntsman and Engineer Ryan report delayed Vancouver [WA] 25 minutes by SP&S yard engine ahead, Willbridge [OR} 20 minutes SP&S yard engine ahead, Lake Yard 25 minutes to wait for track. -IWB

135 PM
Louisville and Nashville 6541 with 158 aluminum ingots from Reynolds Metal [Longview, WA] to Southwire, Carrollton, GA route [via] NP Laurel [MT] CB&Q Kansas City [MO] SL-SF Memphis [TN] SOU to Chattanooga [TN] CofG [GA].
Missouri-Kansas-Texas 97332 aluminum ingots from Reynolds to same Chicago Warehouse, Chicago [IL] route [via] NP Laurel CB&Q IHB. Yardmaster Tacoma and Auburn correct route to read NP Minneapolis Transfer CB&Q IHB. Advise done account error my January 4 waybill forwarded on time freight 687 to Tacoma 825 AM today. All protect no delay copy all. -C.J. Lolcama

226 PM
Box Car Special Number Six departed Staples [MN] this AM with 102 large box for Auburn and 16 box for Spokane. See kept intact running on close connections furnishing X-3 reports to cover. -E.S. Ulyatt

226 PM
Box Car Special Number Six will depart Staples [MN] date with 73 large box for Auburn and 42 plain box for Spokane including grain box. See kept intact running on close connections furnishing X-3 reports to cover. -E.S. Ulyatt

344 PM
Unfilled orders tonight for: 28 50-foot double door [box[ dressed lumber and plywood east; ten same paper local; 19 same paper California; five same shakes and lumber California; one same plywood California; seven 50-foot single door [box] pulp east; three same plywood east; six same lumber and shakes California; one same plywood California; 33 40-foot double door [box] dressed lumber and plywood east; 14 40-foot six-foot door [box] pulp east. Short for BCE: four 50-foot double door [box] plywood east; five 40-foot double door [box] same; 30 40-foot six-foot door [box] lumber east. Reported losses, Tacoma: one 50-foot single door [box] plywood California. -IWB

347 PM
Number 603 Conductor J. Sauriol 2502, 2516, 2509, 7001D, Engineer Garrett by Easton 830 AM with 65-7-3988 broke knuckle east end NP 75364 stone Tacoma at Mile Post 44 about two miles east of Martin. Thirteenth car from head end. Knuckle was replaced, train backed to Cabin Creek to restart train, by Lester at 1159 AM. Two hour 30 minute delay. -IWB

358 PM
Account still uncertain as to SP Star Pacer connection will arrive Portland do not order Morning Star connection from Tacoma, January 6 until after 8 AM until it can be ascertained from SP as to service required. Memo: ABJ [Allen B. Johnson, Operating Department, Transportation, Assistant General Superintendent of Transportation, Seattle, WA] advises first Star Pacer out of Dunsmuir at 245 PM and although SP has given a 2 AM figure into Portland in AM he feels they will fall down considerably from this as they have to go through their trouble area as yet, it now looks like will handle this on First 679 tomorrow and will check in AM. -IWB

445 PM
At Darrington 1215 PM January 5 Darrington Logger, Conductor Monohan, 252, Engineer G. Colson with five cars in train pulling out of Summit Timber Co. when three rear cars NP 118939, 118935 and 11861 chips derailed account snow. Mr. Gregory will go to Darrington first thing in AM. Re-rail these cars and Section Foreman will arrange any necessary track repairs advising when cars re-railed and when track again OK for service. Memo: PLW [P.L. Westine, Trainmaster, Everett, WA] will be at Darrington to supervise. -IWB

510 PM
Agent Easton please arrange to have portable radio at Cabin Creek picked up and forwarded to Mr. Hochban at Auburn. Expect to again require this set at Cabin Creek about March 1. -IWB

610 PM
First 679 Extra 5401D West Conductor Henricks se out SHPX 1980 empty tank for Consumers Co-Op Association, Hastings, NE from Richmond Tank Car Manufacturing, Portland, OR on Chehalis Foundry track due to hot box. Car into train at Rocky Point, 15 from head end, R-1 five and a half by ten brass, repacked 9-4-64, lubricating pad [hot box]. Fifteen minute delay. -IWB

636 PM
Lineman J.P. Bounds advises sometime today a power line fell into GN wires near Burlington causing extreme damage to cable box at Sedro Woolley. Also blown fuses and burned carbons at Sedro Woolley and Arlington. -IWB

907 PM
Conductor Gallagher, Elma-Shelton Local advises water about one inch deep over rail at Mile Post 16 between Marmac and Shelton.

917 PM
Snow crews today were unable to dig out any log flats at Easton for storage at Ellensburg for pickup by Number 640. Agent Easton keep in touch with snow crews and see if this can be accomplished January 6. If so Number 640 same date will pick these cars up and handle through to Ellensburg for storage. -IWB

921 PM
Following from G.F. Hill- 'Approximately 50 percent of ice and snow on wires has now fallen off and continuing to fall. With addition of six more men from Valley City [ND] in AM good possibility if conditions continue to improve may have phone circuits through tomorrow night. Although GN are experiencing some wire trouble we now have Dispatcher's Phone to Yakima via GN carrier channel: NP Tacoma to Seattle, GN Tacoma to Seattle, NP Spokane to Yakima. Transmission poor but using.' At 430 PM this phone out of service again and Wire Chief has been notified. -IWB

940 PM
Mr. Arbogast furnish one GP-9 unit. Engine crew on duty 430 AM. Jacobson furnish train crew two brakemen on duty 430 AM. All called for work train service. Three cabooses as per my CD-98 including the 1314 and 1771; run caboose hop from Auburn and pick up Communications crew at East Auburn. Will work as directed between Humphrey and Lester making line repairs. When calling these crews notify them that there are no restaurants in this working area so they may carry lunches if they so desire. -IWB

1110 PM
One hundred sixty nine welds today, total welds to day 4027, 16 hours worked. -C.R. Anzalone

1116 PM
Number 26 left Seattle on time with ten cars; arrived Yakima 630 PM, left 635 PM, 45 minutes late. Delayed 14 minutes Eagle Gorge to Humphrey four red blocks account ice and snow conditions, 20 minutes Martin broken steam line between rear unit and baggage car; 11 minutes Cle Elum repairs to broken steam line between rear unit and baggage car. -IWB

1121 PM
Account unable to make Yakima within their 16 hours on duty Yakima-Ronald Local will tie up at Ellensburg. Mr. Lovelass will forward any local cars for points west of Selah on Dead Freight Extra West tonight who will set these cars out at Ellensburg. Yakima-Ronald Local will come on duty Thursday, January 6, at 8 AM or on expiration of their legal rest to do switching at Ellensburg, then run to Cle Elum handling any cars set out by Dead Freight Extra West at Ellensburg tonight. Mr. Lovelass will forward Selah cars on NYV Local January 6 this day only. Conductor Steel wire full report of his delays for January 5. -IWB

Author: John A. Phillips, III. Title: A Week in the Life, January 5, 1966. URL: www.employees.org/~davison/nprha/ttewkjan566.html.

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