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Tell Tale Extra

A Week in the Life, January 6, 1966

Tacoma Division - Tacoma, Washington
Superintendent's Office - Tacoma Union Station
January 6, 1966 - Thursday

1215 AM
Mr. Arbogast furnish three GP-9s in multiple with unit 7009D to protect Number 640 running this train to leave Auburn at 1245 PM. This crew will exchange power with the Easton Turn at meeting point getting engines 7051A, 2515, 2514, 2500 to handle train through to Yakima. Easton Turn should be given good handling to Auburn as two of the GP-9s are required to protect Crew Three and Crew Four this afternoon. -IWB

315 AM
Weather Report - Mountain.
Yakima: partly cloudy, wind calm, 32 above, 12 inches of snow; Easton: light snow, wind calm, 26 above, 47 inches of snow; Lester: light rain, wind calm, 32 above, 38 inches of snow. [Yakima] to come: 610 530 PM, 603 600 PM. -IWB

352 AM
[Number] 601 Extra 2523 West arrived Auburn 155 AM with 24-21-1901 including 17 Seattle cars, one carloads. Seattle connection handled by Extra 250 West, Crew Ten. Connection was made up at 200 AM from yard, waybills 155 AM, engine one 205 AM, air 206 AM, departed 210 AM with 17-0-900. Arrived Seattle 245 AM, carloaders on interchange 330 AM. -AAJ

353 AM
[Number] 603 Extra 2500 West arrived Auburn 140 AM January 6 with 59-28-3994 including 27 Seattle cars, two carloaders. Seattle connection handled by Extra 333 West, Crew Six. Connection was made up at 225 AM from yard, waybills 212 AM, engine on 328 AM, air 242 AM, departed 245 AM with 34-19-2508. Arrived Seattle 415 AM, carloaders on interchange 500 AM. Delayed 35 minutes handling 601 in preference. -AAJ

637 AM
January 5 Number Two left Seattle on time with ten cars. Arrived Yakima 40 minutes late, departed 40 minutes late with nine cars. Picked up RPO 83, set out 1931, 1922. Delayed 15 minutes between Humphrey and Maywood red signals, ten minutes Maywood meeting Number 603, five minutes signal 91.2 red, five minutes signal 90.4 red, five minutes Pomona meeting Extra 7005A West, five minutes Yakima mail. -IWB

641 AM
January 5 Number 601 arrived Yakima 925 PM with 24-21-1901, departed 930 PM, arrived Auburn 155 AM, departed 210 AM with 17-0-900, arrived Seattle 245 AM. Delayed 16 minutes Maywood to Humphrey account red signals. -IWB

652 AM
At 322 AM Extra UP 683 Conductor Beeler UP 514 Engineer Shelby derailed engine at switch 25 approach to Argo interlocking plant. Both NP main tracks clear. Necessary to call signal maintainer to unlock switches to enable operator to flag eastward and westward main line trains through plant. Second 679 delayed 30 minutes, Crew Six delayed 30 minutes, Crew Ten 30 minutes. -IWB

751 AM
At 235 AM Signal Maintainer Mikelson reported from Bucoda had found five or six inches broken out of joint in rail on westward track just west of Bucoda. Impassable. Located between switches of siding. [Number] 691 ran through siding at Bucoda. No other train effected. Section Foreman Centralia called and at 450 AM reported rail had been repaired and track OK for normal speed. -IWB

759 AM
January 5 Number 640 left Auburn 1240 PM with 35-35-3740.
January 5 Number 642 not run.
January 6 Number 600 left Auburn 100 AM with 49-10-3915.
January 6 Number 606 left Auburn 635 AM with 39-56-3964. -IWB

800 AM
Eight AM Wire Report.
[Wire] 951 shorted between Elma and Shelton measures Mile Post 24 LAA MWI covering. [Wires] 951-952 MCD 302 open between Shelton and Bremerton LAA MWI to cover. [Wires] 902 and 913 open between Puyallup and Auburn. WU [Western Union] 271 grounded between Lakeview and Fort Lewis. FJC Tacoma DAW Chehalis Copy IWB CGS Tacoma GFH FJC Seattle. -PEN

900 AM
Now at Pe Ell following five B&B Paint Crew Number 11 Outfit Cars: NP 204639, 204403, 200952, 204471, and 2000032. At Holcomb also belong to B&B Paint Crew Number 11 following seven cars: NP 204150, 200455, 200009, 20426, 200814, 207924, and 200756. Please arrange to have these cars forwarded tonight to Head of Bay, Tacoma to be placed on old Store track. -H.C. Weimer

943 AM
Southern Pacific advise expect trains into Portland as follows: Advanced LA Merchandise arrived Brooklyn with ten NP; PCE 378 arrived 615 AM; LA Merchandise arrived 630 AM with 19 NP; NSW Two Connection arrived 900 AM; First 376 arrived 100 PM with seven NP; Second 376 arrived 130 PM with eight NP; Third 376 Advance PCE arrived 200 PM with 20 NP; Portland NCP Two will arrive about 400 PM; NP NCP Two will arrive about 10 PM; OPS Five will arrive about 200 AM; Portland NCP Three will arrive about 300 AM. Mr. Jones please keep in touch with SP and check lists carefully advising if any extra service required from Portland to keep this business moving. Memo: SP have another slide this morning below Dunsmuir and have the Star Pacer behind it. We will run no Morning Star from Portland January 7. Passenger trains SP 11 and 12 are scheduled to run today. -IWB

952 AM
January 5 Crew Three departed Auburn 700 PM with 57-31-4549, arrived Tacoma 800 PM, departed 940 PM with 29-26-2885, arrived Auburn 1030 PM.
January 5 Crew Four departed Auburn 820 PM cab hop, arrived Seattle 900 PM, departed 1030 PM with 19-29-1965, arrived Auburn 1150 PM.
January 6 Number 600 departed Auburn 100 AM with 49-10-3915, arrived Yakima 737 AM, departed 742 AM. Number 600 delayed ten minutes Covington meeting Extra 2523 West, eight minutes Humphrey red signal, 28 minutes Bristol meeting Extra 7005A West, 36 minutes Thrall meeting Number 25, 30 minutes Umtanum meeting Number One. -IWB

1039 AM
Regarding Darrington Logger derailing three cars on Summit Timber spur NP 118935 was re-railed by carmen with jacks 805 AM. NP 118939 was re-railed at 830 AM and NP 118611 was re-railed at 910 AM. Cause of derailment track spread account poor ties and track reported OK for service at 950 AM. -IWB

1041 AM
Work Order 1402 track Number 44 Longview Yard. Putting on rail anchors and piling scrap. -James Holt

1243 PM
Idaho Division reports Dead Freight West arriving Yakima about 10 PM with 106 cars 5450 tons over the mountain. We now have at Yakima in excess of 1500 tons of west business. Mr. Lovelass run close connection letting this train out light enough to pick up business at Cle Elum, figuring not to exceed 8000 tons or 150 cars over Cascade mountains and this train will reduce the least important half of their train at Easton handling 4000 tons over Cascade mountain. Mr. Arbogast furnish six F-9 units. Mr. Jacobson run Easton Turn at time ordered about 10 PM giving this train any shorts for points between Auburn and Easton. This train will pick up the reduction on the Dead Freight West and Easton handle through to Auburn. Memo: Idaho Division advise expect to have another Dead Freight West to us around Noon on January 7. -IWB

1258 PM
At 1045 AM Mr. Hill advises now has a carrier through to St. Paul and we can ring Yakima Yard on the dial phone. Still no Dispatcher's circuits. -CGS

1259 PM
January 5 Number 640 departed Yakima 325 AM with 55-24-3985 including eight perishables. Delayed three hours 50 minutes account late arrival of Number 640 and 35 minutes meeting Number Two. All local connections arrived by 10 PM.
Number 640 January 5 Conductor Peterson 7000D, 7010B 2504 2501 7002A Engineer Leonard departed Auburn 1240 PM with 35-55-3740. Lester 442 PM, Easton 600-738 PM, Ellensburg 845-1038 PM arrived Yakima 120 AM with 37-52-3785, departed 325 AM. Delayed ten minutes Covington pick up, ten minutes Covington meeting Extra 2502 West, 30 minutes Ravensdale set out, 25 minutes Kanaskat meeting Number 26, 15 minutes Kanaskat set out, 30 minutes Eagle Gorge to Maywood red signals account broken signal wires, one hour 40 minutes Easton pick up off Milwaukee interchange, one hour Ellensburg eating, 50 minutes Ellensburg meeting Numbers 603 and 601, one hour 15 minutes Selah pick up and clean switches of snow. -IWB

107 PM
Account Star Pacer due Portland morning of January 7 running late we will not run a Morning Star out of Portland January 7 and all carloading business arriving Portland should be forwarded on first connecting section of 679. -IWB

112 PM
Following from A.B. Johnson quoted for your guidance: 'Perishables on [Number] 600 out of Auburn this AM not blocked in accordance with instructions see corrected.' -IWB

226 PM
Account Milwaukee derailment at Garcia [Gar-sha] will handle MILW 262 on detour from Milwaukee interchange at Tacoma to Easton, leaving Tacoma about 330 PM date with six units 4000 tons. Mr. Arbogast furnish engineer-pilot. Mr. Jacobson furnish conductor-pilot on duty 245 PM. Caller will drive these men to Reservation Tower to handle this train on detour basis from Reservation to Easton where will report for instructions. Mr. Torklep will handle MILW 262 from MILW interchange to Reservation with yard engine.
Mr. Jacobson dead head conductor-pilot Mr. Arbogast dead head engineer-pilot to Easton on Number 640. This crew will come on duty at Easton as later directed to handle MILW 261 to be handled on detour from Easton to Black River interchange with four GP35s and about 4000 tons. Understand there will be no objection to this crew going with this train through to Van Asselt [Seattle] then back to Auburn to detrain. On arrival Auburn will tie up. Pilots should advise any supplies take en route. Memo: All expense chargeable to Milwaukee. Number 262 will have MILW 520 as lead unit and MILW 262 will have units MILW 391 384 385 388. Dispatchers be sure than interchanges at Easton and Black River are clear. -IWB

253 PM
Have had a light general rain over Cascade Mountains since early this morning. At 145 PM section foreman reports snow slide covering eastward track about one mile west of Stampede at a location 300 feet east of Mile Post 51 which is about four feet deep and 35 feet long. Westward track clear. Spreader from Easton en route to clear slide. Still getting intermittent heavy rains on coast. Communication crews working between Kanaskat and Lester on complete failure which occurred January 2 expect to have Dispatcher's circuit in tonight. Have had a carrier working intermittently since 11 Am. At 240 PM Section Foreman Tenino advises about ten feet of fill washed out at west end of Offut Lake about two miles east of Rainier on the Fourth Subdivision [Prairie Line] and are sandbagging to protect. -IWB

321 PM
Lining track between Mile Post One and Two 12th Subdivision. No ballast for surfacing track. -J.T. Pipkin

335 PM
Work Extra 557 Conductor Mylnar, Engineer Watterson and crew will come on duty at end of legal rest at Cle Elum about 655 PM. Pick up any west business at Cle Elum including Bunk Car 201393, Caboose 1104, run to Auburn and on arrival Auburn released from work train service. -IWB

340 PM
Work Extra 338 with Spreader 642 after completing work at Easton will run to Auburn doing any necessary work en route and on arrival Auburn crews released from work train service. -IWB

407 PM
Box Car Special Number Eight will depart Staples date with 80 box for Spokane including grain box. See kept intact handling on close connections furnishing X-3 reports to cover. -E.S. Ulyatt

422 PM
Unfilled orders for tonight: 21 50-foot double door [box] dressed lumber and plywood east; four same wallboard east; ten same paper local; 20 same paper California; five 50-foot single door [box] pulp east; 12 same lumber and shakes California; three 40 foot double door [box] wallboard east; 25 same dressed lumber and plywood east; five 40 foot six foot door [box] pulp east. Short for BCE: four 50 foot double door [box] plywood east; five 40 foot double door [box] same; 30 40 foot six foot door [box] lumber east. Reported losses: Centralia: four 50 foot double door [box] plywood east; five 40 foot double door [box] same. -IWB

530 PM
Yardmaster Centralia will dead head Conductor Maniatis and brakeman off Work Extra 330 to Tacoma on Number 407 tonight and on arrival this crew is released from work train service. Forward caboose off this crew to Tacoma on First or Second 679. On Friday, January 7, furnish engine crew and two yardmen on duty 730 AM called for work train service to handle work train unloading welded rail in Centralia Yard as directed by Roadmaster who will be on hand. Expect to take about five hours and when this work complete yardmen released from work train service and engine crew will report to this office by telephone for instructions. Memo: Have not talked with management but understand this unloading will be on the westward track inside of Centralia Yard limits. -IWB

635 PM
January 7 Mr. Arbogast furnish one GP-9 unit. Engine crew on duty 430 AM. Jacobson furnish train crew two brakemen on duty 430 AM. All called for work train service. Three cabooses including the 1314 and 1771 run caboose hop from Auburn and pick up Communication crew at East Auburn. Will work as directed between Humphrey and Lester making line repairs. When calling these crews notify them that there are no restaurants in this working area so they may carry lunches if they so desire. Memo: Price does not expect to have Dispatcher phone to Lester until about 1201 PM tomorrow. -IWB

656 PM
At 1120 AM Wednesday, January 5, Yakima-Ronald Local Conductor Steel, Engineer J.L. Russell, at Ellensburg spotting NP 31344 feed into Midstate spur when car climbed rail on ice and derailed. Crew with help of Section Foreman re-railed car with no damage. -IWB

932 PM
Following from G.F. Hill-
'have all breaks on 902-902--15-17 cleared. However, have numerous shorts on all three circuits. Unless something unforeseen develops circuits should be regular sometime in AM.' -IWB

1049 PM
One hundred fifty-nine welds today, welds to date 4186. Sixteen hours worked. -C.R. Anzalone

1058 PM
Account engine Milwaukee 276 bad order leaving East Auburn this train reduced on siding at Lester Milwaukee diesel unit 276 12 loads 946 tons. Second Milwaukee Extra West Conductor Brown will pick up this diesel unit and reduction handling through to Renton or as further directed by Milwaukee. -IWB

1103 PM
About 4 PM today Roadmaster [G.P.] Hoffman advised we had flooded culvert at Mile Post 14 on 11th Subdivision between Bellevue and Kirkland. He advised it was necessary to hire a private contractor immediately to clean out culvert in order to prevent track from washing out. State highway above our track had slide which caused this culvert to be plugged. At 10 PM culvert cleared. Hoffman has stationed a watchman at that point for balance of night. -IWB

1115 PM
Milwaukee will handle another train on detour basis from Easton to Black River interchange with five units about 3000 tons leaving Cle Elum about 4 AM January 7. Conductor-Pilot Schilz and Engineer-Pilot Wirachowsky will tie up on arrive at Easton on Extra MILW 303 East. Go through to Cle Elum with this train leave calling address with agent at Cle Elum and they will be used to pilot second Milwaukee Extra West from Easton to Black River and it will be necessary for this crew to ride Milwaukee train from Cle Elum to Easton. Milwaukee further advise they will handle another train on detour basis from Reservation to Easton leaving Tacoma about 9 AM January 7 and Mr. [J.J.] Nentl, Milwaukee, please advise in time so can furnish pilots to protect this train. -IWB

Author: John A. Phillips, III. Title: A Week in the Life, January 6, 1966. URL: www.employees.org/~davison/nprha/ttewkjan666.html.

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