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Tell Tale Extra

A Week in the Life, January 7, 1966

Tacoma Division - Tacoma, Washington
Superintendent's Office - Tacoma Union Station
January 7, 1966 - Friday

225 AM
January 6 Extra 7051A East left Yakima 1030 PM with 52-10-3342 including seven perishables. -IWB

331 AM
[Number] 601 Extra 7008A West arrived Auburn 1137 PM with 34-19-2437 including 31 Seattle cars, one carloader. Seattle connection handled by Extra 221 West, Crew Five. Seattle connection was made up from yard at 1149 PM, waybills 1137 PM, engine on 1150 PM, air 1151 PM, departed 1152 PM with 26-5-1449. Arrived Seattle 1232 AM, carloader on interchange 115 AM. -AAJ

500 AM
Weather Report - Mountain.
Yakima: cloudy, wind calm, 35 above, eight inches of snow; Easton: light rain, wind calm, 34 above, 36 inches of snow; Lester: light rain, wind calm, 32 above, 32 inches of snow. [Yakima] to come: Time Freight West 1201 PM, 603 430 PM, 601 500 PM. -IWB

523 AM
January 6 First 679 left Lake Yard 420 PM with 78-19-5368, one TOFC load for Tacoma. January 6 Second 670 left Lake Yard 1000 PM with 33-23-2454 with eight TOFC loads for Seattle, one Tacoma, three Yakima. -IWB

635 AM
Account Milwaukee crew Conductor Weiland Engineer Hobbs Extra 391 West unable to make Auburn within their 16 hours will tie up at Easton. Milwaukee will send Conductor Brown Engineer Lucas now on duty at Cle Elum to Easton to handle Extra Milwaukee 391 West Easton to Tacoma. Milwaukee Conductor Dolton and Engineer Kratz and crew will dead head Auburn to Cle Elum on Number 606 and will handle second Milwaukee train west from Cle Elum as instructed by Milwaukee. Memo: Extra MILW 391 West arrived on NP tracks at Easton 235 AM. Went to eat 300 AM and at 310 AM NP Conductor-Pilot Fish advised train had 20 tri-levels and was instructed to set out tri-levels account no measurements. Tri-levels were scattered through train and set out completed 540 AM. Milwaukee crew's 16 hours expired at 645 AM therefore unable to move train out of Easton. -IWB

650 AM
January 6 Number 601 arrived Yakima 701 PM with 34-19-2437, departed 706 PM, arrived Auburn 1137 PM, departed Auburn 1152 with 26-5-1449, arrived Seattle 1232 AM. Delayed ten minutes Humphrey to Maywood signal 69.3, 12 minutes Ravensdale meeting Number Two. -IWB

653 AM
January 6 Number Two left Seattle on time with seven cars. Arrived Yakima on time, departed Yakima 17 minutes late with eight cars. Picked up RPO 81. Delayed five minutes Yakima meeting Number One, 12 minutes Yakima mail. -IWB

708 AM
At 310 NP Conductor-Pilot W.R. Fish advised from Easton that Extra MILW 391 West had 20 tri-level loads autos. No measurement shown on waybills or could be obtained from any source. Extra 391 West was instructed to set these tri-level autos out at Easton and Milwaukee Chief Dispatcher notified. Understand Milwaukee is sending carman to Easton to measure there loads and will advise measurements. -IWB

734 AM
January 6 Number 640 left Auburn 58-1-4119.
January 6 Number 642 not run.
January 7 Number 600 left Auburn 100 AM with 33-31-3205.
January 7 Number 606 left Auburn 610 AM with 51-25-3995. -IWB

756 AM
[Number] 603 Extra 2502 West arrived Auburn 305 AM with 50-24-3998 including two Seattle cars, no carloaders. No connection, no rush Seattle car. -AAJ

800 AM
Eight AM Wire Report.
[Wire] 922 MCD 206 and 405 Morse crossed between Tacoma and Steilacoom measures Mile Post 11.9 923 MCD 305 subs 922 MCD 206 Tacoma to Steilacoom. [Wire] 951 shorted between Elma and Shelton measures 13.7 miles west of Elma MWI LAA covering. [Wires] 951 and 952 MCD 302 open between Shelton and Bremerton six poles down MWI LAA to cover. [Wires[ 902 and 913 open between Puyallup and Auburn. FJC Tacoma DAW Chehalis copy IWB CGS Tacoma GFH FJC Seattle. -PEN

800 AM
January 6 Crew Three departed Auburn 650 PM with 38-36-3828, arrived Tacoma 750 PM, departed 945 PM with 32-40-3179, arrived Auburn 1110 PM.
January 6 Crew Four departed Auburn 500 PM with 4-7-415, arrived Seattle 630 PM, departed Seattle 830 PM with 20-21-1886, arrived Auburn 925 PM.
January 7 Number 600 departed Auburn 100 AM with 33-31-3205, arrived Yakima 535 AM, departed Yakima 540 AM. -IWB

821 AM
Received 73, unloaded 53, on hand 162, 89 inspected. On hand NP 42, GN 64, UP 56. -Agent Kalama

853 AM
First 680 this morning delayed at Lake Yard 50 minutes account SP&S engine 90 and NPT engine 40 ahead. -IWB

938 AM
Engineer on Second 680 advised via radio to Yardmaster Centralia that had an explosion in upper deck on unit 5406D and going into Portland on three units. Mr. Fleming please arrange repairs on return to Seattle. Memo: RJF [R.J. Fleming] on 460 to Portland to look at it. -IWB

1015 AM
Extra 7009A East Conductor R.L. Hayford set out RJRX 8309 empty tank from Standard Brands to American Crystal, Missoula [MT] via NP on Stampede passing track due to B end drawbar failure, 65 percent old break. Car in train at Auburn, seventeen from head end. -IWB

1119 AM
Effective Saturday, January 8 Mr. Arbogast furnish four instead of five units to protect Number 675 from Auburn each day to return on Number 676. Agent Sumas advise when five units again required to protect. Memo: Per JHH [John H. Hertog, Tacoma Division, Assistant Superintendent, Seattle, WA]. -IWB

1250 PM
At 1130 AM Roadmaster Beem advises slow order can be removed where fill washed out on Fourth Subdivision east of Rainier 4390 feet east of Mile Post 34. Track back in service and has been surfaced. Culvert is sill plugged but water is receding. -IWB

110 PM
Milwaukee advise at 1135 AM date have their line back in service and all further detours are canceled. Mr. Jacobson and Mr. Arbogast will cancel instructions to furnish pilots for 262 at Tacoma. Conductor-Pilot Fish Engineer-Pilot Still will dead head Tacoma to Auburn NPT bust tying up on arrival and released from pilot service. Conductor-Pilot Schilz and Engineer-Pilot Wirachowsky will get off MILW 261 at Easton and dead head to Auburn with Easton Turn Extra 2502 West tying up on arrival Auburn and released from pilot service. -IWB

144 PM
Regarding [Number] 600 perishables not blocked in accordance with instructions. [Number] 600 was made up at 1145 PM, Crew Four with NPM 621 salmon arrived 1150 PM, car switched out of Crew Four and added to head end of 600 at 1220 AM. [Number] 600 departed at 100 AM to have cut NPM 621 in on train in proper block would cause a delay on 600 departure. -AAJ

217 PM
Number 606 Conductor Hayford 7009A 7006B 7012B 7002C 7008D 7005A Engineer Norman by Lester 840 AM with 51-25-3995 pulled drawbar out of east end of RJRX 8309 empty for 1319 at Mile Post 54 east of Kennedy. This was 17 car behind engine and 606 handled the head 17 cars to the siding at Stampede then returned and picked up balance of train arrived Easton 1210 PM. In the meantime the Easton Turn Extra 7001D West departed Easton 1045 AM arrived Stampede 1203 PM picked up the 17 head cars of this train and handled to Easton at 1255 PM. Number 6060 eat at Easton then departed Easton 140 PM. Mr. Alexander arrange repairs to RJRX 8309 which is now on West Two at Easton advising when OK for further movement. -IWB

221 PM
Number 640 will stop at Easton and set nine loads of tri-level autos in Milwaukee account over to Milwaukee Transfer at Easton for pick up by that road. Memo: LCW [L.C. Wise, Accounting Department, Western District Accountant, Tacoma, WA] Charge should be made to the Milwaukee for moving these cars over. Also understand Pilot Schilz and Engineer Wirachowsky used a cab from Cle Elum to Easton which will be charged to NP account in connection with their dead heading home to Auburn and this also would be chargeable to Milwaukee. -IWB

224 PM
Lining track between Mile Post One and Three 12h Subdivision no ballast for surfacing track. -J.T. Pipkin

247 PM
Empty welded rail train about 35 cars due off RIP track at Tacoma this PM. Mr. Torklep forward this train complete to Bucoda on Tacoma-Portland Time Freight in AM. This train will set these cars out at the west end of Bucoda where will not interfere with crossings. It is now expected this train will be stored until the end of March when will be moved into Centralia to load welded rail. -IWB

319 PM
Dispatcher's circuit in service to Yakima 11 AM date. -IWB

332 PM
Account Milwaukee derailment at Garcia January 5 the following trains were handled on detour movement over Northern Pacific:
On Thursday, January 6, Milwaukee 932, Conductor Dorton, Milwaukee 276, 273, 305, 523, 521, 520 Engineer Miller NP Conductor-Pilot Schilz, Engineer-Pilot Wirachowsky, all on duty 330 PM departed Tacoma 6 PM with 58-1-4119 and arrived Easton 1130 PM with 46-1-3173. This train reduced 12-0-946 which included unit 276 account failure of fuel pump.
On January 7, Milwaukee 261, Conductor Lucas, Milwaukee 391, 384, 385, 388, 300, 299, 221 Engineer Brown, NP Conductor-Pilot W.R. Fish, Engineer-Pilot still, departed Easton 726 AM with 52-22-3778, picked up the reduction made by Extra Milwaukee 276 East at Lester including the dead unit and arrived Tacoma 12220 PM with 65-22-4849. No supplies taken en route. Milwaukee line was restored to service at 1135 AM, January 7. -IWB

420 PM
Unfilled orders tonight for: 19 50 foot double door [box] dressed lumber and plywood east; four same wallboard east; ten same paper local; 18 same paper California; three same shakes California; three 50 foot single door [box] pulp east; three same paper local, one same shakes California; 16 40 foot double door [box] dressed lumber and plywood east; three 40 foot six foot door [box] pulp east. Short for BCE: three 50 foot double door [box] plywood east; four 40 foot double door [box] plywood east; 24 40 foot six foot door [box] lumber east; 11 40 foot seven foot door [box] ore east. Reported losses: none. -IWB

440 PM
Tacoma Yard, Auburn Yard, Yakima Yard: NP 119044, 119040, 118951, 119048, 118979, 118997 were out of Tacoma on Crew Three January 6 listed as empties for Yakima. Cars arrived at that station on 606 date and found to be full loads of chips which are destined Weyerhaeuser at Everett. Loveless return on card bill with notation quote 'Regular waybills at Auburn.' unquote. Tacoma Yard forward regular waybills you have with first train to Auburn Yard to be held at that station until cars received from Yakima. These cars originated at Aberdeen and waybills were on hand Tacoma Yard when cars were listed out as empties to Yakima. Torklep explain in full this mishandling. -IWB

622 PM
On Monday, January 10, Mr. Jacobson furnish Conductor-Pilot called for work train service on duty at Auburn Yard Office 730 AM and B&B Department will furnish transportation to Bothell to handle Crane 31 working at Bridge 21 on Fifth Subdivision as directed by B&B and when work completed will be handled to Auburn by B&B truck. On arrival released from work train service. Now expected to be out one or two days and will not be assigned. -IWB

705 PM
Account unable to positively determine trouble developed with unit 5406D while in locomotive consists on Second 680 Date unit will remain shut down returning to Seattle on Second 679 from Portland tonight. Please arrange for complete inspection of unit upon arrival Seattle. -RJF [R.J. Fleming]

935 PM
January 8 Mr. Arbogast furnish one GP-9 unit. Engine crew on duty 430 AM. Jacobson furnish train crew, two brakemen on duty 430 AM all called for work train service. Three cabooses including 1314 and 1771. Run caboose hop from Auburn and pick up Communication crew at East Auburn. Will work as directed between Humphrey and Lester making line repairs. When calling these crew notify them that there are no restaurants in this working area so they may carry lunches if they so desire. Expected to be out one day only and will not be assigned. -IWB

950 PM
Effective Sunday, January 9, Mr. Arbogast furnish four instead of five units to protect Number 675 from Auburn each day to return on Number 676. Agent Sumas will advise when five units again required to protect. -IWB

1001 PM
Yardmaster Centralia bill NP 2060063 and 204161 now at Centralia Yard to South Tacoma Shops for repairs and all concerned see handled through. Both cars are used as threader unit for unloading continuous welded rail. Mr. Spellmeyer [R.H. Spellmeyer, Mechanical Department, Shop Superintendent, South Tacoma, WA] please advise when cars are again ready for service. Memo: Per S.H. Barlow. -IWB

1007 PM
Following from G.F. Hill-
'Dispatcher circuit east 901 in service 1100 AM date message phone 902 and 45A in service 1115 AM some hits on 45A and 902 account pulling slack 215 PM 15-17 pen over Stampede Tunnel. Linemen Clark and Peterson to cover in AM. Hits on telephone circuits should be at a minimum after today unless unforeseen conditions prevail. After tomorrow work train will be released at close of work on 8. -IWB

1024 PM
Following from J.L. Monahan-
'Concerning delay to Second 680 [January 5]. Delay at Vancouver due to yard engine crossing over, which movement was begun before Second 680 arrived Vancouver Yard. Delay at Willbridge was by Transfer Extra 67 which could not depart Willbridge due to the fact that GN First 671 backing over on the westbound main to clear Number 457.' -IWB

1026 PM
Number 407 this PM reports delayed 15 minutes between Willbridge and East Saint Johns account SP&S Transfer 42 ahead. -IWB

1047 PM
Switches for siding at Cle Elum shoved out. Switches east end and west end Track Seven shoveled out. All other switched not cleaned in Cle Elum Yard. Half of depot platform cleaned. -CJE [Claude J. Eberle, Agent, Cle Elum]

1113 PM
January 6 Work Order Number 1402 putting rail anchors and piling scrap material Longview Yard. -James Holt

Author: John A. Phillips, III. Title: A Week in the Life, January 7, 1966. URL: www.employees.org/~davison/nprha/ttewkjan766.html.

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